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Monday, September 7, 2015

Steven Bomb Three Mini-Caps

Of the previous three Steven Bombs, the third one had to be the best thus far, more than anything because of its overall story arc and careful attention to character development. Rather than recap each individual episode, I'm simply going to briefly recap them all in one post. As Sardonyx would say: on with the show!

Cry for Help
  • Sardonyx is officially my favorite Gem Fusion. Sugalite has the strength. Opal has the grace. Alexandrite has the size. But Sardonyx has the charm…and a British accent, which only adds to the charm! Too bad we won’t see much of her after this episode, considering…well.
  • Garnet loses her cool. She rarely gets angry. So you know Pearl messed up bad if she managed to make the otherwise cool and collected character in the show, well, lose her cool.
  • Crying Breakfast Friends is the most apropos “show within a show. It accurately reflects the emotional tensions and conflict within the actual show that it is set in. Notice how it's about one cartoon character begging the forgiveness of another? (“Man, it sure would be nice if things worked out the way they do in cartoons.”)
  • BEST QUOTE: "Hmm! 'Smash' is the word that one would use to describe what someone else might do. Nah! The proper words used to describe yours truly are: 'Specific'! 'Intelligent'! 'Accurate'! 'Faultless'! 'Elegant'! 'Controlled'! 'Surgical'! 'Graceful'! Aaandd...'Powerful'! But yes, occasionally, I am smash." - Sardonyx

Keystone Motel
  • The “Keystone State” is Pennsylvania. If Pennsylvania is the “state over”, then that means that the state Steven lives in is along the Atlantic Seaboard. The most likely candidate is Delaware, since its beachside cities are where the creator, Rebecca Sugar, received her inspiration for Beach City.
  • There actually is a “Keystone Motel”—located in the Florida Keys. In fact, following that episode, the Yelp! page for that hotel was spammed by Steven Universe fans, to the point where other fans had to speak out and tell them not to do that!
  • Greg knows that Garnet is a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, as he seems less than surprised about them, and he implies that this isn’t the first time they’ve split up. I wonder what other instances that Greg remembers forced them to split up?
  • Did the diner scene remind anyone else of A Goofy Movie? Am I the only one who remembers that movie? Man, i'm getting old.
  • BEST QUOTE: "I'm going to see a man about a tunnel brush... An internet man... If I'm not back in an hour, call the police." - Greg

Onion Friend
  • I really enjoy this episode because it humanized a character (Onion) who had otherwise been dehumanized by the fan as “creepy” or “evil.” Many fans had speculated that his lack of speech made him a deaf-mute. This episode showed that he could talk, but he was only comfortable talking around his own family. Now, it seems that they’re speculating that he’s autistic, which, considering his somewhat eccentric behavior, seems to be rather plausible, and also a better explanation for his “weird” behavior.
  • While it’s interesting to know that Amethyst and Vidalia were once best friends, you have to wonder why they haven’t seen each other in such a long time when they live in such a small town. Did they have a falling out and stop seeing each other?
  • Greg may have inspired Amethyst to grow her hair long, but it was Vidalia who encouraged her to go through with it. And considering how much of an influence they had on each other, Vidalia may have been inspired by Amethyst to cut her hair short.
  • Vidalia is packing heat and unafraid to use it! Wonder if she’s a card-carrying NRA member? Of course, if the show is set in Delaware, you have to wonder how realistic that scenario would be in such a blue (and allegedly gun-unfriendly) state. (Of course, I love how one blogger imagined how she would react to a Gem invasion: “I can’t wait for yellow diamond to attack earth b/c you know Vidalia’s going to be out on the beach picking gems’ physical bodies off with a shotgun like ‘superior civilization my ass! amethyst c’mere and bubble this shit’”)
  • It’s implied that Onion’s family is less than affluent (what with them having a meal of noodles and butter in an otherwise dilapidated house), so if that’s the case, how did Sour Cream afford his DJ equipment? Did he just do a good job saving money? Part-time jobs?
  • Vidalia is a painter, Sour Cream is a musician, and if his affinity with playing with his food is any indicator, Onion may become a sculptor.
  • Show of hands: how many people here had assumed that Onion was going to show Steven a sex tape? That thought actually did cross my mind, but then I remembered that this was a children’s show, and even though they managed to cross some controversial territories (homosexuality), they wouldn’t go that far.
  • There’s a fan theory that it was Vidalia hanging out with Greg and the Gems, and also receiving assistance from them during her pregnancy with Sour Cream, that inspired Rose Quartz to have a baby with Greg. That’s a sweet and endearing theory, and I totally see it being canon.
  • There’s another fan theory that it was young Sour Cream hanging out with the Gems that allowed him to witness fusion, and thus why he wasn’t the least bit surprised when Steven and Connie unfused as Stevonnie in "Fusion Cuisine."
  • BEST QUOTE: "You don't know what I've done in these shoes." -  Vidalia

Historical Friction
  • If Mayor Dewey's ancestor founded Beach City, does that make his political position a "dynasty"? Why bother having elections when the guy who's going to win is the one who's family started the whole city in the first place?
  • The entire play goes from auditions to opening night in one single day. But I guess it wasn't hard to pull off, seeing as how the play was able to be pulled off with only two actors in the span of five minutes.
  • Pearl epically places Mayor Dewey in the friend zone! (And she also epically acts like every enthusiastic mother at every childhood play! :D)
  • Interesting to see how pivotal the Crystal Gems were to the founding of Beach City. Yet you have to wonder, if they helped play such an important role, how did they manage to remain so elusive from the beach city residents. They've been living right next to the city for 200 years. And it wasn't as if they were hiding. They were living underneath a hundred-foot statue.
  • Their existence in America raises so many questions. They were obviously living duing the time of America's colonial period, and even long before that. So did they ever encounter the Native Americans? If so, would their first attempt at human attire had been similar to Native American garb. And after the American colonists arrived, did they ever encounter them? How would the colonists ever have reacted to them? You have to remember, the colonists were super religious zealots who considered anything remotely magical as "witchcraft", and the Gems are magical beings similar in design to pagan gods. Would the colonists have considered them witches? Demons? There are just too many questions.
  • I think Jamie's lackluster gem impersonations was an attempt by the creators to make cosplayers feel less insecure about their own cosplay. With the animators setting the bar so low, nothing else in comparison can be considered bad.
  • We finally get to see the fusion among all four Crystal Gems. (Albeit as a silhouette!)
  • Saucy grandma slaps dat ass!
  • BEST QUOTE: "To be human is to be flawed. A real hero must struggle!" - Jamie

Friend Ship
  • Pearl tries (and fails) to be the master of one liners. She isn't. Peridot is. She is also delicious mustard. The mustard of your doom! (Hey, no more lame than any of the other one-liners attempted in this episode!)
  • Nice to know that Steven is polite enough to say "good morning" and "have a great weekend" even to an insidious adversary.
  • Did Amethyst turn into Sonic the Hedgehog with a spin dash? (Funny how Jasper also has a similar attack. And how they look exactly alike. Almost as if they are related. Are they?)
  • This episode is set in a flying saucer in the deep jungles of South America. Is this the same alien spaceship from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls? (Huh. Crystal skulls. Crystal gems.)
  • With the problems Peridot has with the communicator, it seems as though gem technology is as faulty as Skype.
  • Is Peridot able to re-grow her own limbs? If not, she's going to be hobbling a whole awful lot from here on out.
  • BEST QUOTE: "No matter how hard I try to be strong like you...I'm just a Pearl. I'm useless on my own. I need someone to tell me what to do." -Pearl (The fan theory that Pearl is a member of a mass-manufactured subservient race: confirmed. Almost!)