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Monday, September 21, 2015

SU Recap: Sadie's Song

The very few minutes of watching this episode, I thought it was going to be yet another “Filli Vanilli” episode. You know the one I mean: character has impeccable talent. Other characters notice. They urge her to share her talent with others. The character is too shy to do so, and inevitably has to battle with stage fright. The other characters urge her on to overcome her stage fright. She performs. The audience loves her. And everyone is happier because of it.

Well, this episode managed to defy my expectations. I won’t say it’s the best episode, but it is a better episode for taking tired tropes concerning this subject and completely turning them on their head. Oh, and they also do the same for gender roles. Have deeper respect for them because of that as well. Overall, it’s a sweet little episode with a new twist on an old plot.

"Here's you are's, my Lars." Props to Steven for trying to rhyming.

Dat flank. No wonder Lars and Rinaldo are both fighting for it.

At first glance, this may sees like one of those "secret great singer doesn't know they're a great singer and is far too shy to sing in front of others until their friends prompt them to do so and everyone else finds out what a good singer they really are" plots like in "Filly Vanilli"--at first glance, that is, which is what makes this episode great.

I would stop right her and analyze every little detail of Sadie's room as a way to glean data that will more deeply reveal her character, but I'm going to let more obsessive compulsive individuals do that level of psycho-anazlying. Instead, I'm just going to note that Sadie hasn't upgraded from analog television or video cassettes.

Sadie shouldn't be embarrassed. It seems that most young women, and even men, collect plushies. (Hugs plushie Twilight Sparkle)

"After my act two years ago, there's a new rule that you have to wear clothes." Well, that certainly leaves a lot to the imagination.

"I wasn't planning to go in my underwear." Well, at least that'll make you classier than Miley Cyrus--and the lions share of young female pop singers these days.

Looks like the Care Bears are still relevant, even in this universe.

"I knew you delivered mail, but I didn't know you delivered Sadie." Seems like most SU fans have managed to figure that one out.

Dat face. Just, dat face LOL!

By now, I'm sure you can figure out a pattern with these outfits. A ballerina. A competitive swimmer. A softball player. All of the, hobbies that seemed to have been short-lived. Wonder why? Barb claiming to have punched the umpire should be a slap-in-the-face clue.

As a guy, I would never understand why women insist on wearing footwear that they can't walk in. Seriously, how do you girls walk in those, and why? Are you so insecure about being shorter than men that you have to pretend to be taller, even if it means breaking an ankle?

Barb and Steven would so be champs in Just Dance.

I wonder how this is going to turn out.

"You normally know these two for delivering pizzas, now they're up here delivering jokes. That was a joke."

Jeff Dunham and Peanut these two are not. Seriously, how is anyone buying this?

I'm surprised they let Rinaldo get on stage for a "talent" show for what amounts to a safety lecture. Maybe the audience will interpret it as a post-modern Dadaist art performance.


Is that what you get when you genetically fuse a blowfish with a clown? Is that what happens when you put Cher's face in a microwave for too long. No wonder Sadie doesn't want to be caught dead on stage. She'd terrify the audience to the point of death.

Oh, Mr Smiley, I would be carefully about asking a girl to smile. Tumblr feminists consider that sexual harassment. Yes, they are that stupid!

Barb: More sparkle, sparkle, sparkles?
Steven: F*** yeah, more sparkle, sparkle, sparkles!

Be careful, Jamie: Warner Bros. has a bad streak with mimes. You're going to get hurt if you're not careful.

"I'm going to get my phone ready in case somebody gets hurt." That reminds me, it's hard to say in a day and age that, whatever happens at a community stage show stays on a community stage show when most people have their smartphones out ready to upload the performance to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. That s*** is gonna go viral!

Well, at least she looks "better" than she did before.

Give it a few more seconds, and I'm sure Sadie would have drowned herself--willingly!

Last episode, we had a girl confront her overbearing overprotective mother. Now we have a girl on the opposite end of the spectrum confronting her overbearing, over-supportive mother figure. I'm sensing a pattern here. Why do I get the feeling that someone important down the line is going to have to deal with his mommy issues. (Looking at Steven)

Interesting how Steven appears on stage in drag, and the audience, rather than laughing at him, instead cheer and applause him. Boy, Beach City is mighty tolerant. Forget the gem-based life forms from space running around fighting other gem-based life forms from space: this right here is the most unrealistic thing in the show.

I really enjoyed how this episode resolved itself. In most other stories such as this, the other characters would have urged the shy character to conquer their stage fright and perform on stage. This episode, on the other hand, shows that it's okay to keep your talents to yourself, and that you don't have to flaunt them if you don't want to. I think that's just as good a message.