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Thursday, September 17, 2015

SU Recaps: Nightmare Hospital

Doesn’t it seem like a tired trope how most kids shows whose protagonists have magic or superpowers always keeps them secret from their parents. Spiderman. Jake Long. Danny Phantom. All of them save the day from bad guys, yet they never bother telling their parents? Wouldn’t it be easier on them if they were simply upfront with them? It worked for Kim Possible and Ben Tennyson, and it seems like the creators of Steven Universe took a hint.

Sooner or later, no matter how much Connie wanted to hide Steven and his secret gem stuff from her family, especially with her recent sword training under Pearl, she would inevitably have to let her parents know about it. There was no way she could hide it forever, and I couldn’t think of any better episode for her to come clean than this one. It had just the right levels of suspense and action—and the feels. Of course, the feels!

Connie knows that all good secret identities involve glasses. Just as Clark Kent.

Steven, you and Connie are dessssssspicable!

"We need to be ready to fight Malachite or Peridot or one of those creepy fusion experiments." Have a feeling one of these three will be appearing in this episode.

I wonder how Connie's mom missed Lion when she was pulling into the garage. Did he disaster then?

You know this isn't an official jam session because Steven didn't bring along his biscuits and jam.

Very inconspicuous hiding place. Her mom definitely won't notice it. /s

A strange case at the HOSPITAL straight out of a NIGHTMARE. Hmm, almost like it was a Nightmare Hospital.

Oh snap! She noticed it. Also, I take it all maternal figures in this universe have the power to bulge their eyes out in disbelief. (Looking at Pearl.)

"I'll have a talk with your father to calculate just how grounded you are, and we're using the abacus."

Wow. At least that wasn't as harsh as Garnet grounding Steven for a thousand years without television.

Not sure how you would confiscate a lion. Call animal control on him.

Lion Lickers: Scooby Snacks for your pet pink lion.

Good thing she didn't see you duck under there while she was looking down.

Show of hands: how many of you thought this was Peridot under those sheets?

Steven has never been to a hospital before? He's never gotten sick? Or injured? Does being half gem give you invulnerability against disease?

Not sure how many years of medical school you need to become a doctor, but clearly, the years she spent to become one were so worth it if she thinks that a lack of heartbeat from an inhuman abomination means faulty medical equipment.

Mission failed. Game over. (Snake. Did you make it? Snake. SNAKE!)

Seriously, a multi-colored, multi-armed faceless giant, and she assumes it's only another patient? Boy, those years of medical school sure paid off.

"I think that's one of the gem mutants."
"Are you sure?"
More sure than the doctor who thinks a creature made up entirely of arms is another human being!

"You know that I never go back on a rule, young lady."
Wow, not even Pearl is this stringent.

Keep your hands off my Connie. (Stevonnie shipping confirmed.)

Don't you wish more B-movie monsters were more easily distracted by hospital gurneys?

You'd think she would be more than phased by Steven creating a giant bubble and shield.

"I know my daughter. I know what she is doing every second of the day." Apparently, to her, being a good mother is like being Santa Claus. Or the NSA. Aw, who am I kidding? All mothers think this.

"Your eyesight just magically got better?"
Your standing in a giant pink bubble being attack by two abominations of nature. How is anything unbelievable to you at this point?

Flawless victory!

Don't worry! He only eats other lions. Lion Lickers, that is.

Don't you wish more parents became more lenient like this when confronted by their children?

"Love you"
"Love you, too, mom"

*takes feels card, tears it up, throws it at the television." Take my feels, Steven Universe, take them all!