Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Taking Down The Rainbow Icon

For all of you who have been complaining about my rainbow pride icon (especially since it’s been months since everyone else has stopped celebrating the legalization of gay marriage), I’ve decided to finally take it down.

..but forget y’all, because the Korrasami fan art is staying. They are queer, they are here, and they still look hot doing so, so deal with it! Also, it’s back to school time, which means it’s time for school uniforms. And they look good in that as well:

Also, on a related note, f*** Kim Davis! She is not a martyr. She is an obnoxious bitch ass c*** who is refusing to do her job. She wants to administer marriage licenses? Then she has to administer all of them. She can’t pick and choose which laws to enforce or not. She doesn’t like it? Then by all means, step down. Otherwise, she’s acting like a bitch ass c***, and anyone who supports her is likewise a bitch ass c***!