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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Daily Pony: The Critic Reacts To Brotherhooves Social

I’m sure most of you had quite the reaction to Big Mac’s appearance in this week’s MLP episode. Perhaps you were busting a gut in laughter all through the episode. Perhaps you were cringing in horror to the point where your skin fell off. Or maybe a few of you became so enraged at the “transmisogyny” that you took to Tumblr to vent your anger over how this episode was “oppwesing the transwomanz!” (Just kidding! None of you would be that stupid, though plenty of SJWs have been.)

Regardless of how you reacted to Big Mac in drag, I’m pretty sure you exhibited at least one of these seven reactions as showcased by the Nostalgia Critic:

Of course, if you really want to cringe, apparently, a lot of fans were really infatuated by Big Mac in drag, to the point where they even made fan art of his Orchard Blossom persona. Seriously, do not click that link unless you want to cringe to death. You have been warned!