Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Drawn Together: The Movie: So Bad, It’s Horrible!

Initially, I was going to share Mr. Enter’s recent review of Drawn Together: The Movie as a “Nightly Fright”, but I decided not to cheat that way and simply share the review as it is. Seriously, though, what could be scarier than a movie that wrecks someone's psyche to the point where he’s going to abstain from reviewing for a good week or two? (Man, I feel sorry for the guy!)

Perhaps what pisses me off the most is how this movie is a blatant act of spite and resentment against South Park. “Baw! Why did we only get three seasons while that cartoon keeps on going?” Maybe because South Park is actually interested in good writing while you lot are only interested in shock humor for the sake of shock value?

Nah! That can’t be it. South Park must simply be a crappy cartoon that mingles gross out with a preachy message. That must be it. You guys are clearly the comedic geniuses who were canceled in their prime and who deserve to be put back on the air! /s