Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, October 12, 2015

Nightly Frights: The Drum

Once upon a time, there were two sisters who lived in the countryside. One day, they came across a gypsy girl playing the most beautiful drum. When the girls asked if they could have the drum, the gypsy girl replied that she would gladly give it to them if they acted more rotten than they’d ever acted before. And so the girls return home and spent the rest of the day misbehaving, to the point where their poor mother warns them that, if they keep acting up, she will move away, and a new mother will come to replace her—one with glass eyes and a wooden tail. Will the girls learn to behave, or will they continue their bad behavior until they get their new drum—or new scary mommy?

Once there were two sisters. Dolores was 7, and Sandra was 5. They lived in a small house in the country with their mother and baby brother, Arthur. One day Dolores and Sandra were running across a field near their house when they met a gypsy girl playing a drum. As the girl played, a little mechanical man and woman came out of the drum and danced. Dolores and Sandra had never seen such a drum, and they begged the girl to give it to them.

She looked at them and laughed. “I will give it to you, but only if you are really bad. Come back tomorrow and tell me how bad you were, and I will see.” As soon as the two sisters got home, they started shouting. Then they wrote all over the walls with their crayons. At supper, they spilled their food. And when it was time for bed, they wouldn’t go. They did everything they could think of to upset their mother. Early the next morning, they hurried off to find the gypsy girl. But when they told her what they had done, the gypsy girl laughed. “Oh, you must be much worse than that if I am to give you the drum,” she said.

When they got home, they pulled up all the flowers in the garden. They let the pig out and chased it away. They tore their clothes. They sloshed in the mud. They were a lot worse than the day before. “If you do not stop,” their mother said, “I will go away and take Arthur with me. And you will get a new mother with glass eyes and a wooden tail.”  “We’ll be good,” the girls promised. Yet they did not really believe that their mother would go away. “We’ll get the drum tomorrow,” said Sandra. “Then we’ll be good again.”
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