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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Nightly Frights: How A Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

Zombies seem to be the biggest thing in the media these days. From The Walking Dead to The Last Of Us, it’s nearly impossible to look for a movie or video game without coming across something zombie-related. Zombies are infecting everyday entertainment like, well, actual zombies!

Though as unsettling (if not entertaining) as a zombie apocalypse would be, we can at least take solace in knowing that nothing like that could ever happen in real life.

Or could it?

This old Cracked article offers several informative (if not humorous) scientific explanation as to how a zombie apocalypse could actually happen, ranging from a super Mad Cow disease that devolve people into overtly-aggressive beasts to nano-machines that can reprogram people’s brains and turn them into mindless machines.

There’s even a scientific explanation of how the dead can be re-animated, though not for the better. (It involves stem cell research, and it’s probably one reason why so many people are adversarial to it—aside from scientific ignorance, of course!)

Of course, if this article makes you feel unsettled, you might want to read this Cracked article which explains the scientific reasons why a real-life zombie outbreak would fail—quickly!