Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, October 12, 2015

Scary VGM Monday: Magus Castle (Chrono Trigger)

Chrono Trigger is undoubtedly the best RPG of all time. There are countless reasons why this is so—the dynamic graphics, the revolutionary battle system, the complex storylines with multiple endings.

Since this is Video Game Music Monday, I might as well focus on the video game music, seeing as how this game has the greatest SNES soundtrack of all time. And since I’m focusing on scary music, let’s focus on the creepiest music in the game: Magus’ Castle Theme.

Magus is, of course, the villain of the game, so, of course, he lives in a spooky castle with equally spooky music. The song has an exceedingly unsettling vibe to it. It’s by no means complex, consisting of only a few notes, but what haunting notes they are.

It really puts you in suspense as you traverse the castle and until you finally reach the epic boss battle. Once you learn of Magus’ true origins later in the game, the feeling towards the music becomes less creepy and somewhat more sorrowful.