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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Shameless Plug Saturday: Tats Top Videos

Do you like list videos? I know I do. A lot of people apparently do, which is why there are so many list video channels like alltime10s, Danger Dolan, and Matthew Santoro. Heck, it’s one of the reasons why Watch Mojo manages to be so lucrative.

But with so many list videos and channels on YouTube, the market seems nearly oversaturated with them, to the point where many topics seem overdone. As such, it’s a breath of fresh air when you come across a list video channel that’s not only more original, but also puts far more effort into their video. Such is the case with Tats Top Videos.

Sure, anybody can make a video counting down the "Top Ten Cartoon Theme Songs" or the "Top Ten Legend of Zelda Games." But what about the Top 150 Guns In Games? Or the Top 40 Amazing Weather Phenomenon? And who wouldn’t be curious to learn about the Top 30 Mysterious Government Projects?

What I really enjoy about Top Tats Videos is that they not only think of interesting list video topics that most other people wouldn’t think about, such as the Top 42 Hated Household Pests, but they also put in a lot of effort into said videos to make them clock out at insane lengths, with many videos being more than one or two hours long!

Obviously, such immensely long videos means having to wait longer for the next video to be released, but when they are released, both their quantity and quality make the wait all the more worth it. Some list video channels could learn something from them. (Looking at you, Watch Mojo!)

My all-time favorite video of theirs is their Top 22 Non-Gaming Creepypasta. The video is where I practically came up with most of my creepypasta entries for Blame The Fright Month. However, due to technical and copyright issues, the video has undergone at least two major revisions. As such, I’m posting both the original and revised video below:

Fun fact: When I watched the original creepypasta video, I was watching it past midnight in the dark with my iPad at very low battery. So when the very last entry in the video came about, my iPad powered down. Both the video’s content and the late night hour coupled with my iPad suddenly turning off really added a creepy factor to that experience, to the point where I thought that my iPad had become cursed. But no, it had simply run out of juice. Still, creepy!