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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SU Fandom Bully Artist To Suicide

I love Steven Universe. I’d say I even love it more than My Little Pony. The show really is that good, if only because the storytelling goes places where I wish MLP would go.

The SU fandom, on the other hand, I can do without.

It's the polar opposite of the MLP fandom. While the brony community obviously contains "dudebros", the SU fandom is infested with Tumblr feminist SJWs, and as is typical with the SJW lynch mob, they are quick to turn on anybody or anything they consider to be “problematic.”

I already highlighted some of the SJW hysteria in a previous post about how they harassed one artist who dared to draw Garnet with—gasp!—lighter skin. They’ve also been known to attack white cosplayers who dress as Garnet or Amethyst, claiming that the costumes are “racist” and “culturally appropriating people of color”—which would be accurate, if by “people of color”, they mean red and purple!

Recently, however, the SU community—or rather, the SJW lynch mob that infest it—have crossed the line with the harassment of one particular artist, and it makes me as hot in rage like an eternal flame, baby!

Zamii is an artist on Tumblr and here on deviantART who draws fan art of Steven Universe and other franchises. Here’s a sample of her art:

Isn’t it just the greatest? Who could possibly hate this?

SJWs, that’s who!

Many Tumblr SJWs have criticized her artwork for being “problematic.” Here’s one of her “problematic” pieces:

Yowapeda by zamii070

See anything wrong with it? No? Then you must not be wearing your SJW goggles. You put those on, and you’ll see that one of the characters, who's Japanese, has yellow skin—like how most Asians in the media, even Asian media, are presented!

Here’s another picture of Fluttershy as a Native American:

Can you believe some people have called it "racist"? There are dozens of pictures of Fluttershy as a hijab-wearing Muslim (known as "Islamashy"), and SJWs don’t bat an eye. Draw her as a Native American with beads and a feather headband, and every SJW loses their mind.

And then there are pictures of Rose Quartz like this:

Notice anything off? No? C’mon! Put on your SJW goggles! Rose is clearly suffering from anorexia here! She's clearly skinny as a rail. Yes, she is, because SJWs say so, and that’s “fatphobic”!

As you can tell, this one artist has received a lot of hate and harassment over her art, especially on Tumblr (of course!). That would be bad enough by itself, but the harassment became so severe and too much for her to handle that she attempted suicide:
It all started last week when a fanartist going by the name Zamii caused a scare on Tumblr when she posted an apparent final note to her Tumblr, then disappeared for three days. When she re-emerged, it was to post a tearful video she claimed was being filmed at a hospital where she said she was getting the help she needed.

Prior to Zamii's alarming initial farewell, members of the Steven Universe and Homestuck fandoms had reportedly created more than 40 critical blogs and other social media accounts directed at her because they believed she was purveying problematic depictions of many of the characters she drew. During her time in fandom, Zamii had been accused of a litany of flawed portrayals of characters, including perpetuating "racism/stereotyping, transmisogyny/transphobia, apologism, incest, pedophilia, fatphobia, and ableism" in her art. For example, when Zamii drew a Japanese character from the popular anime Yowamushi Pedal, she came under fire for giving the character yellow skin and slanted eyes; when she drew a black character, she came under fire for removing her Afro and giving her blonde hair; when she drew a "Native American Fluttershy" from My Little Pony, the response was mixed and often critical, pointing out that she had further stereotyped the character.
At this point, I'm so filled with rage that I want to start spouting a string of incoherent swears; but since you can't hear me on the internet, I'll let Dumbledore here do that for me:

“But why is ‘Social Justice Warrior’ considered an insult? That just means you’re a decent human being.”


These SJWs aren’t decent human beings. I doubt they’re even human! What I do know is that they’re certainly not social. They’re not for justice. And they’re “warriors” in the sense that ISIS militants are warriors. The irony is that ISIS considers itself to be fighting for justice, and they’re willing to kill innocents to achieve their goals.

And yes, I just compared SJWs to ISIS? Is that “problematic”? Does that offend you? Well, f*** you! I don’t give a flying feather. I’m offended by people who want to harass others to the point of suicide!

If you’re more “offended” by “problematic” artwork than you are by violent threats, and if you think threatening others over their art is justified, then you are not a fan of Steven Universe, because you clearly missed its message of love and tolerance for other people despite their flaws. (Because if every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs!)

You are not a Crystal Gem. You are not Rose Quartz. You are Jasper. And I wish Lapis Lazuli would fuse with you so she can drag you to the bottom of the ocean where you can’t hurt anybody every again.