Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Burning Down Mosques Doesn’t Help!

By now, you’re probably well aware of the recent Paris terrorist attack that claimed more than 128 lives.

What you’re probably not as well aware of is how, since that attack, there has been acts of “retaliation” against mosques, most in France, but also here in the States (with quite a few in my state of Florida).

That would be bad enough, but making matters worse is how too many Republicans—well, honestly, it’s mostly been Donald Trump!—have been stoking the flames of this irrational fear and hatred.

Following the attacks, Trump has suggested shutting down mosques. (And if you want a taste of what his followers are like, the comments to that article are not only backing him, but going above and beyond in recommending burning down mosques.)

Guys, this isn’t helping.

The answer to violence isn’t more violence—especially against people who have done no harm. Yes, the Paris attacks were carried out by radical Muslims—the key word there being “radical.”

The Muslims who are being targeted with these mosque attacks and empty threats of having their mosques shut down were not the ones responsible for the attacks. Most of them are innocent civilians like you and me who simply want to worship their religion in peace.

If anything, these mosque attacks only serve to reinforce the terrorism of radical Muslims. The driving force behind ISIS is that the West is at war with Islam; so when we go around burning down mosques and threatening to shut them down, well, that sort of reinforces their narrative: “See! Those filthy infidels are attacking our brothers and sisters! That is why we need to fight back!”

Yes, radial Islam is a threat, but again, the key word there is “radical.” Not all Muslims are radical, especially those who are simply going about their business worshipping their religion within their mosques—and especially those who are trying to flee the violence within the Middle East! (I’m looking at you, politicians who are trying to turn away the Syrian refugees by claiming they're all terrorists—which they’re not!)