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Sunday, November 29, 2015

MLP Season 5 Finale Reaction

When I learned from the ending of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games that the season five finale would involve time travel, I thought I had the entire finale figured out: Starlight Glimmer would go back in time and prevent the Sonic Rainboom that helped the Mane 6 get their cutie marks. The result would be a dystopian future where Starlight’s influence went unchecked and spread across Equestria, now transformed into her “egalitarian utopia.” Twilight Sparkle would have to seek help from her friends, who would all now be living different lives with different cutie marks because of Starlight’s tampering with the past. So blah blah blah, the magic of friendship ends up saving the day, and everything is returned to normal. Honestly, I was prepared to be bored for the next hour.

Good thing that the MLP staff is far more creative than I am, because—holy multiverse, Batmare!—was that an epic two-parter. (Not as epic as past season finales, but still epic nonetheless!)

I mean, you had King Sombra…and he was all like…and then you had Rainbow Dash…and her wing…and her ear…and then Pinkie Pie and Maud…they were all like…with that boulder…then you had Zecora…and she was like…with Queen Chrysalis…and Nightmare Moon…who the timberwolves…and then Starlight Glimmer…and Fallout Equestria…and…and…words simply fail me without major spoilers!

Obviously, the coolest part was seeing all of the alternate timelines. We had seen glimpses of time travel with “It’s About Time”, but this episode took it and used it to its fullest potential. The result was the epic return of past villains:  King Sombra. Queen Chrysalis. Nightmare Moon. Donald Trump. (Oh wait. He’s not an MLP villain. Just a cartoon villain!) Seriously, if anything epic comes from this episode, it will be all of the fan fiction and art that derives from these alternate timelines.

No spoilers, but once again, as with the past two seasons, we see that the show’s status quo has been changed with a new addition. First, we had the main character become an alicorn princess. Then, we had her receive her own castle from which to spread the magic of friendship. And now, well, again, no spoilers, but we now see that the student has become the master in teaching the lessons of the magic of friendship. How will that play out in the next season? Forgive the obvious pun, but, only time will tell.

I promise to go further into length with a recap later this week. For now, if you haven’t seen the episode, by all means, do so! And feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. (So spoiler warning for the comment section!)