Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, December 14, 2015

4 Days Until Star Wars

The newest addition to the Star Wars franchise premieres in theaters on Dec. 18. To celebrate, I’m counting down all the days until the new movie premieres by sharing Star Wars-related content.

The Star Wars movies are good films, even great films, but they’re by no means perfect films. They do have their fair share of flaws and mistakes. If you watch these movies enough times, you’re sure to spot them all. Or you can simply allow CinemaSins to point them all out for you.

This nitpicky YouTube series has already revealed all of the glaring flaws in the original trilogy (with the help of Kevin Smith), and has already started on the prequels. In fact, they’ve noticed so many errors in the first prequel movie that they had to split it up into two parts. Yes, it’s apparently that bad!