Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, December 14, 2015

College Students For Bernie

The educational clusterfuck known as No Child Left Behind—which, ironically enough, left many school children behindwas recently “left behind”. The good news is that its replacement downplays the role of standardized testing and shifts authority over educational standards away from the federal government and towards the states.

The bad news is that these changes come too little, too late. NCLB has lasted over 13 years, giving it enough time to have influenced the public education of an entire generation of students. That means that someone who began preschool in 2002 when NCLB was first enacted would have by now graduated high school and started their first year of college.

One can only shudder to think what kind of high school graduates would be the product of such mismanaged education. These people would be so ill-educated that most of them would require remedial college courses. These people would be so poorly prepared for the workforce that they would be considered to be the world's least skilled. These people would lack the proper historical perspective to have respect for our basic constitutional rights such as free speech. Overall, these people would lack critical thinking skills, favor feelings over facts, and refuse to consider viewpoints other than their own.

In other words, they are the current crop of “micro-aggression” fretting, “safe space” huddling, ultra-PC millennial college students mesmerized by the sophistry of Bernie Sanders and his false promises of “free stuff”.