Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Final SSB4 Presentation

The very final Super Smash Bros. presentation streamed earlier tonight, revealing the final three DLC characters for the game.

So, other than Cloud Strife, who else is joining Smash?

Ridley? No.

King K. Rool? No.

Inkling? Shovel Knight? Shantae? No, no, and no.

In fact, you know the entire viewer choice poll? Pretend that it doesn't exist. Because Nintendo surely did!

So, who is joining?

Well, you know that one franchise that's already too over-represented in Smash? No, other than Pokemon. Yes, that one. The one you’re thinking of. We have another character from it. Again!

It’s Corrin from the new Fire Emblem game.

Because if there’s one thing that Smash doesn’t have enough of, it’s Fire Emblem characters. And it’s not even Crom!

Oh, and we’re also getting Bayonetta.

Well, at least we have more female representation. (And hot representation at that!)