Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Donald Trump The RINO

Do you want the government to stop raising your taxes? To stay out of your healthcare? To keep their hands off of your guns? To stop newborns from being killed before they can even exit the womb? To stop grabbing people’s lands for itself? To not let Hillary Clinton assume the chair of the highest position?

Well, Donald Trump isn't going to change any of that. In fact, he endorses most of it. He supports higher taxes, single-payer healthcare, gun control, partial-term abortions, eminent domain laws, and even endorsed Hillary Clinton as president back in 2008.

But I guess none of that matters because he hates Muslims and Mexicans? (P.S.: Obama has killed more Muslims and deported more Mexicans than Bush, so why don’t you love him for that?)