Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Educating On The Economy

Dear economic illiterates bitching about “teh Kochs taking over teh schools”,

FDR's New Deal did not end the Depression, minimum wage laws do not create jobs, the welfare state has not alleviated poverty, the gender wage gap does not exist, and the 2008 recession was created by the government, not business.

These are not opinions. They are objective facts supported by empirical evidence. The fact that you do not accept these facts does not prove that they are not true. That only proves that you value political ideology before verifiable evidence.

None of the previously-mentioned facts should come across as controversial or even political. They should simply come across as common sense. As such, teaching them in public schools should be no more controversial than teaching the fact that all complex life gradually evolved from simpler life overtime—but then again, even that fact is contested by ignoramuses.

So please do humanity a favor and kindly shut the fuck up forever about “political indoctrination”, because the only people interested in using our schools as “indoctrination camps” are statists such as yourselves who wish to advocate their ignorance as being equal to everybody else’s knowledge.



P.S.: Bernie Sanders is a naïve twat who doesn't understand that his so-called “socialist utopia” of Scandinavia isn't really socialist.