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Friday, January 15, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Disney Princess Leia

One could debate whether or not Princess Leia qualifies as a Disney Princess now that Star Wars is owned by The Mouse. After all, Disney owns Star Wars, and Leia is a princess; so does it not follow that she's a Disney Princess?

Of course, I'm not really sure how I would feel if Leia were to be inducted into the Disney Princess toy line. I'm sure she would have to receive an animated re-design just to be incorporated into it, and judging by how well Merida's re-design was received by fans, I'm sure Leia would receive a similar reception.

Either way, whether or not Leia will ever be recognized as an official Disney Princess, it's still interesting to imagine her as one. So here's a collection of fan art imagining just that:

Something tells me Leia isn't the type to go around befriending furry animals--unless you count eight-foot tall screeching fuzzballs!

Most of the Disney Princesses have their own stained-glass window in the Kingdom Hearts series. Leia may be science-fiction, but she looks simply fairy tale with that dress.

I just realized: if Leia becomes a Disney princess, she'd be the first one to ever use a gun. Mulan used a sword. Merida used a bow and arrow. But Leia used a friggin blaster. She is most badass Disney princess.

Tangled is a movie about a handsome rouge scoundrel who helps a wayward princess find her way home and inevitably fall in love with her. *smack forehead* How did I never see the connection before?!? But at last *puts on shade* I have seen the light, and it's like the fog has lifted *cue CSI theme*

Actually, Leia, your costume is blatantly designed after that of an Arabian belly dancer's, so you're the real thief. That make you guilty of--oh, I can't believe I'm using this term--cultural appro--*barfs all over the place* Ugh, I feel sick all over!

And what Disney tribute to Princess Leia would be complete without the Disney Princesses in Slave Leia outfits? At this point, I have either ruined your childhood or simply rekindled a secret childhood lust that you never felt comfortable admitting. And now you are either rushing for the bleach for your eyes or the lotion for you--uh, lightsaber!