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Friday, January 29, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Gravity Falls X-Overs

Gravity Falls is by far the best show to have aired on Disney Channel--well, next to Phineas and Ferb, of course! And Kim Possible. And American Dragon: Jake Long. (Such a grossly underrated show!)

With such a great series that majestically combined drama and comedy coming to an inevitable end, I feel that showcasing Gravity Falls fan art would be the most appropriate way to end this series of Disney-themed Fan Art Fridays.

Since there's too much good Gravity Falls fan art to condense into one single post, I figure I'd narrow down the topic to crossover fan art with other great shows. So here's a fond farewell to a great Disney Channel show with equally good fan art:

Of course I was going to share something pony-related. Because of course I would! :D

Of course, with all of the potential crossover possibilities, Steven Universe is the show I would have loved to see cross over with Gravity Falls. Wouldn’t it have been cool to see Steven and Connie team up with the Dipper Twins in their fight against Cipher? Then again, Garnet would have easily defeated him with a punch to his one eye! LOL! :D

Both Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls) and Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty) are the bestest of best friends who often reference one another’s works in their own. For example, Stan’s coffee mug and notepad end up getting sucked through a portal in an episode of Gravity Falls only to end up coming through a portal during an episode of Rick and Morty. This has led many fans to believe that the two shows are set in the same universe.

If that were the case, you’d have to wonder why Bill Cipher didn’t try convincing Rick Sanchez to build his inter-dimensional portal instead of Ford Pines. Rick could have easily done in a day what Ford spent several years accomplishing. Then again, I could only suspect that Bill Cipher would have figured out that Rick could have had his own greedy intentions for the portal, which is why he chose someone more malleable like Ford to manipulate. Just a guess on my part.

I recently binge watched the entire first season of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. It really is a good show—not as good as Gravity Falls, but still pretty good. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the two shows were to cross over. And of course, I’m sure it’d be exactly like this picture: Mabel and Star having fun with her magic wand while Dipper and Carlos panic over the inevitable chaos.

I’d also recently watched the entirety of Over The Garden Wall. That also is a really good show, if not more confusing than Gravity Falls. At least Gravity Falls explains most of its weirdness. What’s your excuse, Garden Wall? Explain, series, explain!

All kidding aside, OTGW is a great series that you should check out, especially now that Gravity Falls is coming to an end. It won’t fill the void, but it will certainly give you a momentary rush from the relapse.

Also, I wanted to share this picture, but since it had major OTGW spoilers, I'm simply going to offer a link. It really is that creative, yet, fair warning, SPOILERS!

With many fans comparing the show to other modern shows, I’m surprised few of them have seen the connection between it and an older show, Invader Zim. Think about it. You have an anti-social kid caught up in mysteries and conspiracy theories chasing after a threat from out of this world. Well, the comparison isn’t exactly a mirror image, but it’s close. Makes you wonder what would have happened had Zim teamed up with Cipher. Something tells me that Bill would have simply screwed over the Irken in his deal.

If you’re looking for something to fill in the void left by Gravity Falls, I’d suggest listening to Welcome To Night Vale. This podcast is delivered as a radio news show set in a Southwestern town in the middle of nowhere where strange things happen. In other words, it’s like if the town of Gravity Falls was set in the desert and had its own radio show. Come to think of it, Gravity Falls and Welcome To Night Vale both premiered on the exact same date on the exact same year: June 15, 2012. Coincidence? Never!