Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fund NASA. Privatize Medicare.

How To Better Fund NASA And Ensure Human Beings Explore Mars And Beyond (Using Figures From Vox):

1. Scrap the F-35 fighter jet ($1.5 trillion)
2. Privatize the postal service ($5.5 billion)
3. Privatize Medicare ($45.7 billion)
4. End NFL subsidies for football stadiums ($3.9 billion)
5. Stop building “weapons of mass destruction” ($7 billion)
6. Discontinue circulation of the penny ($105 million)
7. Reform federal benefits to prevent the funding of dead retired federal workers ($84.7 million)
8. Funnel all of the saved money into NASA’s budget!

On second thought, let’s not fund NASA. It’s an antiquated bloated government bureaucracy that’s the shadow of its former self. Let’s just privatize it, allow private companies to take over space exploration and travel, and simply redistribute the money to average Americans so they can save up for their tickets to Mars.