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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pony Recap: The Cutie Re-Mark (Part 2)

This is the recap of "The Cutie Re-Mark: Part 2". For the recap of "Part 1", click here. Otherwise, continue on:

Spike uses Dragonbreath. It's not very effective. Seems like Spike has indigestion. His normal dragon breath would have burnt Pinkie's head right off.

Zecora is one of my favorite ponies in the show, so seeing her lead the rebellion against Queen Chrysalis is just so awesome!

Of course Zecora has deus-ex machina magic to convenience the plot. She did that with the alicorn flashback potion (I.e.: LSD) in "Princess Twilight Sparkle."

I know that a lot of fans (especially Mr. Enter) have their hang ups with the time travel in this episode, especially with how each future changes dramatically over a small change made in preventing the Sonic Rainboom, but personally, I don't let I bother me.

Time travel is purely theoretical, so we don't know how it really works. Is time one single stream? Is it multiple streams? Does one change in time change the entire timeline, or simply create another one while leaving the original in tact? Thing is, we don't know, and we probably will never know. Time travel as a story narrative already requires suspension of disbelief in that the very concept is plausible to begin with, so the less you think about it, the better it is for the whole story.

Hmm. An apocalyptic future where the lone survivors of an invading tyrant forces them into the depths of the woods? Anyone else thinking of Knot Hole from Sonic SatAM?

These three are not wearing the magic paint. Do you think...

It's a trap!

Chrysalis takes the form of Applejack? I guess that's the bad ending to "Remix Apple Apple Apple".

"To the dungeons of Canterlot." I wonder...

If Chrysalis and her changelings have taken over Equestria, what have they done to the ponies? The changelings feed off of emotions, so do they keep the ponies in harvesting pods in order to feed off of their energy? Sort of like The Matrix? Again, only the fanfic writers will answer that.

Aw, man! We're missing out on such an epic fight, yet again!

Isn't it rather lucky that the time portal only sucks up Twilight and spike and none of the changelings? Is it because the spell only works on Twilight and Spike because they cast it, or were the changelings simply too slow?

Unicorn lasers look really powerful and precise. If one unicorn laser blast can cause that much damage, imagine an army of unicorns.

Rainbow Dash seems to have the right idea. This is too exciting to miss out on.

So they return to a future at night? Gee, what villain was known for their affinity with the night. Ah, I know: Lord Tirek!

Props to the animators for making the computer-animated Timberwolves not stick out like splinters in a sore thumb!

Really love what Luna has done with the place! I'm certainly siding with the Luna Empire now.

Rarity: Still stylish, even when serving an evil tyrant.

So when did the time change cause her to become a racist---ear, speciest? She thought Spike was adorable when they first met in the original timeline, so what changed?

Obligatory evil shadowy villain reveal.

So, the bat wings: are they part of the armor, or are they applied to ponies by magic?

Looks like Rainbow Dash joined the Shadow Bolts, after all!

I know the obvious question that everyone's asked: Why didn't Nightmare Moon banish Celestia to the sun? Obvious answer: Because that would be a death sentence, not an exile.

Of course, my question is, if Nightmare Moon took over Equestria, and it has been eternal night for years, how did she prevent the world from turning to ice from the cold, let along the plant life from dying out from the lack of sunlight?

Confirmed: Nightmare Moon is into BDSM!

Dang! Nightmare Moon just killed a Timber wolf. Yes, killed! Those things are still living, even if they are animated wood.

Uh, Twi, you may not want to blab about how you originally defeated Nightmare Moon. You were fortunate enough to escape, but if you didn't, well...

And again, the portal only sucks up Twilight and Spike and none of Nightmare Moon's guards.

Payback is a bee-yotch, bee-yotch.

And now it's time for the time travel mindfuck!

Alternate Future 4: Tirek takes over!

Sarcastic clap is sarcastic.

Alternate Future 5: Discord takes over!

Alternate Future 6: The Flim-Flam Brothers take over.

Alternate Future 8: The Dark Stallion takes over.

Alternate Future 9: Donald Trump takes over.

Okay. I was joking with those former two. First as a shout out for my fanfic, and second as an obvious political joke.

The butterfly effect made simple for kindergartners.

So how does Starlight Glimmer not know how Twilight and her friends have saved Equestria from certain destruction ten times over? She's been living in the middle of the desert with her cult within her compound. That's why!

Real Alternate Future 8: Wasteland. Some fans speculate that this is the aftermath of all of the villains facing off over control of Equestria.

Sunburst, eh? That's an interesting name. Almost like Starlight Glimmer. Or Sunset Shimmer. I wonder if we get to see him in the future?

I have to admit, Starlight's backstory is rather weak. Someone who is obsessed with making everyone "equal" would probably have an inferiority complex. A better backstory would have been to have her always struggling to succeed in a special talent, only to fall short to some other foal who ends up getting their cutie mark instead of her.

Come to think about it, such a concept would have worked well with the CMC's development, what with them being able to discover the potential of other pony's cutie marks.

Now things are getting serious.

Skipping over obligatory friendship speech.

Apparently, time travel spells are self-destructing.

This song is really meh. Not as spectacular as other ending songs. That's about it.

It's like the ending of a commercial.

I really love how every season since the third season changed the status quo of the show. Season 3 made Twilight a princess. Season 4 gave us her palace and cutie map. And now, with Season 5, we have a new addition to the main cast. Will she be yet another side character, or will she play a main role? Only time will tell.