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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Shameless Plug Saturday: Some Jerk With A Camera

Originally, I was never going to feature Some Jerk With A Camera in "Shameless Plug Saturday". These posts are meant to highlight unknown and under-rated internet talent. Some Jerk is neither of those things. How can he be when he’s featured on Channel Awesome, Geekvision, and Mr. Coat and Friends? However, I felt it would be amiss of me to dedicate an entire month to Disney and not at least mention this great man and his work. So here’s his obligatory feature:

Some Jerk With A Camera needs no introduction, but for those of you who may have been in a coma for the past five years, he’s a vlogger who reviews theme park attractions, specifically of the Disney variety. He’s what you would get if you combined a history textbook on Disney Parks with a joke book, as he does an equally good job of explaining the history of Disney while taking plenty of generous, humorous jabs at it. “Unpredictable” would be the best way to describe his sense of humor, as there's literally no predicting what jokes he’s going to come up with. (He once managed to make a rape, slavery, and Holocaust joke, all in the same video, while still remaining classy!)

I’m quite hard-pressed to decide which of his reviews to highlight, as so many of them are my favorite: his retrospective of Epcot Center (my favorite Disney Park), his retrospective of the old and new Star Tours, or even his most recent takedown of the schlocky and pretentious Escape from Tomorrow. However, for this month, I could think of no other review more apropos than his crossover review with Oancitizen of Beauty and the Beast.

Bringing these two completely different vloggers together to review a movie (or rather, two movies of the same source material) seems almost as a crazy as combining chocolate and bacon. The combination sounds strange at first, but after you actually taste it, you can’t imagine how you lived this long without ever enjoying it.

Both Jerk and Kyle do an excellent job of working off of each other’s diametrically-opposed personalities in order to review two diametrically-opposed versions of Beauty and the Beast, both the 1992 Disney animated film and the 1946 French adaptation by Jean Cocteau. Especially enjoyable is watching the ever-growing frustration of the highbrow Kyle being forced to work with the not-so-astute Jerk, who serves as a proxy for the audience as the ignorant, un-classed everyman.

By far, the best part of this review is the music. Being a review of Beauty and the Beast, this review features not one, not two, but all--count them, all!--of the songs from the movie parodied. Parodying one song would be a feat in and of itself, but the fact that these two managed to parody the entire soundtrack makes this review nothing short of a masterpiece. Then again, what else can you say of a review of an animated masterpiece itself?