Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Average Bernie Sanders Supporter REDUX

Behold the cognitive dissonance of the average Bernie Sanders supporter!

They want to raise taxes on the rich, but they also want them to stop hoarding their wealth in offshore bank accounts.

They want corporations to pay a higher tax rate, but they also want them to stop sending our jobs overseas.

They want increases to minimum wage, but they also want to keep their entry-level jobs.

They want teachers to be paid more with increased salaries, but they also want “free” education.

They want public-sector workers to be able to unionize, but they also want bad cops who shoot and brutalize innocent civilians to be fired.

They want to abolish world hunger, but they also want to ban GMOs.

They want to end climate change, but they also want to do so using the biggest polluter on Earth.

They want to stop Donald Trump from closing the borders, but they also support Bernie in opposing open borders.