Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Mickey Mania Parade

Duuuudes! What IS up?! How’s it hanging? Feeling rad today? This is your main man, BlameThe1st—boi!—coming at you with some 90s nostalgia that’s most triumphant, can you dig it? And it's my totally rad pleasure to introduce to you the main Mouse in the House, the mickity-mickity-mickity-mickity Mac Daddy, and the diggity-diggity-diggity-diggity Daddy Mac, Mickey Mouse—yes, that's the M-to-the-I-to-the-C-K-E-Y! And he's coming to the street with a poppin' fresh beat that can't be beat with the totally gnarly Mickey Mania Parade.

*cough**cough* Wow! That’s the last time I try to squeeze in as much 90s slang I can in one breath.

Anyway, the Mickey Mania Parade was one of the first Disney parades I ever watched during my first trip to the Magic Kingdom. The parade was held back in 1994, and it really does show! Bright neon colors? Check. Hip hop music? Check. Extreme sports like roller blading and skateboarding? Check. Disney characters with totally gnarly hairstyles? Most triumphant! Yes, this parade is what you would get if Linkara’s 90s Kid himself was in charge at Disney World—because what you see is what you get:

And what parade would be complete without a totally poppin' fresh beat for the street?