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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Top 10 Dumbest Things Said In 2015

Note: My friend on deviantART, hisarcher19, created this awesome list counting down the Top 10 dumbest things he heard last year. I pretty much agree that everything he listed is just plain awful. The only exception is that I really feel that Donald Trump should have topped the list as #1. If anything, he won the Liar of the Year! Anyway, allow me to share hisarcher19's list with you all:

If it hasn't been made abundantly clear that the inmates are running the asylum, 2015 made sure the message got out.  This year was so bad, that it was hard to pick just 10.  And because I have been so horrendously busy this year, it has been all the more difficult on my end.  But I had to make time for this sucker.

Same rules as before, something being more stupid than evil takes higher ranking.  Again, this is stupid things, not worst things:

#10. DOAX 3 not coming to the West due to SJW nonsense

Thanks to Social Justice Warriors controlling most of video game journalism and crafting a narrative that games were sexist and gamers didn't like this.  (The truth is they aren't and most people don't care.)  Many companies think western gamers are hostile towards anything that isn't politically correct and have gone about censoring themselves.  Worse of all though, is the creators of the franchise "Dead or Alive" aren't going to release the newest game in the West due to SJW pressure.  Look, I don't care for the franchise.  Sexualized women don't appeal to me.  But I will not stand for free speech to be assaulted just because something hurt someone's fragile feelings.

Then an importer company call PlayAsia said they'd import the game and mocked SJW's in their ad campaign, to which SJW's got upset at it.  But it didn't matter since PlayAsia's follower count skyrocketed as did sales and SJW's claimed it was some Machiavellian conspiracy to generate more sales.  Even though that reasoning is a Post Hoc fallacy.

Really, it's just sad to watch these people justify their actions.  They kept changing their narrative so fast, it reminds me of the doublethink from "1984"  For more info, check Louis Le Vau and Sargon's  videos (warning: contains strong language and footage from games with suggestive themes.)

#9. Over 80 percent of Americans support “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA”

Your biology teachers have failed you.  Speaking of which...

# 8. Professor: If You Read To Your Kids, You’re ‘Unfairly Disadvantaging’ Others

According to this loon, if you are a parent that likes to spend time with your kids, you are being "unfair" to children without such parents.  By that insane breed of logic, having a home is unfair to homeless people, and having limbs is unfair to amputees, having regular bowel movement is unfair to those with digestive problems etc.  This is the kind of nonsense like saying, "If we can't bring everyone up to a good level, let's bring everyone down so it's equal!  YAY EKWUALLITY!!!1!!111!!!!!!one!!!!!!!eleven!!

#7. Women's College Cancels 'Vagina Monologues' Because It Excludes Women Without Vaginas

I seriously don't know why you'd have anything like a "Vagina Monologue" (whatever that is), and frankly I don't wanna know, but they cancelled it.  Oh, not for being stupid, but because it excludes "women without vaginas."

#6. Justin Trudeau: "Because it's 2015."

Canada was already a pretty poor place to live.  The country has become increasingly socialist and has no freedom of speech (they even have a website to "help people unlearn freedom of speech" as if they couldn't get more like an Orwell novel.)  But with their new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, I think things will get worse before they get better.  When asked why he chose to have his cabinet be "gender-balanced" (basically, pick people based on quotas rather than merits) he replied with a simple, "Because it's 2015." and a rather smug look.  What does the current year have to do with anything?  Well, most leftists hold a Marxist-determinist view of history.  They think human progress is linear, always getting better.  And anyone that gets with the program is good, while everyone that tries to stop the perceived "good" is "on the wrong side of history."  Anyone that's opened a history book knows this is garbage since nations can and have gotten worse, fallen even.  And yet quite a few people (most notable John Oliver) just eat this crap up.  G.K. Chesterton put it rather well:
"The critic who is always talking about our modern enlightenment, ancient superstitions, and the stupidity and barbarism of the past- such a man is not a Progressive; he is not even a fanatical or vainglorious Progressive. He is simply an aristocrat. He is putting one class of men fantastically in the front of mankind; he is committing that sin which is called oligarchy, and which is the sin of forgetting the resemblances and remembering only the differences of men. And, indeed, if one had to select an oligarchy one would, I think, select any oligarchy but this. An aristocracy of the sword, and even an aristocracy of intellect (that disgusting thing) would be more human and rational than a mere aristocracy of chronology. It would be easier to believe in the superiority of peers to commoners than in the mere superiority of half-past two to half-past one."
#5. Masturbating men ‘will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife,’ says Muslim televangelist

The only reason this isn't higher is because I've heard similar statements from these kinds of people before.

#4. Bernie Sanders

I really wanted to put Donald Trump on here.  But I at least understand how he got popular.  He's the monster the Left inadvertently created by trying to control speech.  (Then again anything good he has said was said better by other candidates.)  But I really don't see the appeal by Sanders.  To keep things brief, here are some "highlights."

He's a socialist.  When people pointed out all the harm that kind of system causes, he pointed to Denmark as an example of socialism working... but then Denmark pointed out they weren't truly socialist.  Why not use a true socialist country like Venezuela? Well...

That's why.

A similar instance occurred when Sanders argued that America's corporate tax rate was too low (even though it's 39.1% making it the highest in the world) and it should be like Sweden's... which is about 22%.  At this point I question his ability to read.

Perhaps my favorite instance of this man's madness was during one of the Democratic debates where he said that climate change directly causes terrorism.

The funny thing though is how much Trump and Sanders supporters don't get along since Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders agree on the same socialist fundamentals.  They both want to close the borders to “drive up American wages.”  They both want to cut off trade with China to “drive up American wages and have more goods produced here.”  They both hate international trade because it “hurts American jobs.”  They both support single-payer healthcare.  They both think socialism works in Europe.  They both were/are Democrats.  Really, they should be running mates.

#3. Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner

Oh boy, this subject.  Former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner has suddenly decided he wanted to be a "she" and go by "Caitlyn" from now on.  The thing that makes me laugh about all this though is the Left both loves and hates him.  Love for wanting to pretend to be a chick, and hate because he still identifies with the Republican Party and even as a Christian.  Someone has archived them here.  Proof the Left only likes you if and when you are useful.  But perhaps most insulting is that Jenner got the Arthur Ashe Courage Award (beating army veteran Noah Galloway who runs track despite losing an arm and leg in Iraq) and the Woman of the Year award despite the chromosomes and not really doing anything.  I'll probably tackle transgenderism itself on a later date, but for now let's stick to the crap that happened this year.  My comment section will be angry enough as it is.

#2. Rachel Dolezal and "Transracialism"

Leader of the NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, was discovered to have lied about being black.  But even though her birth certificate, real parents, and the mirror say otherwise, she says she's still black.  Of course, then people tried to help her and even create a race equivalent of the transgender movement.  I mean, if people can pretend to be the sex their DNA says they aren't, why not pretend to have the skin color and heritage their DNA says they don't have?  I for one identify as a trans-kaiju from outer space!

Honestly, the lengths she goes to defy reality is kinda sad.  I genuinely believe she may have a mental disorder.  Then again, this kind of garbage is par for the course with these people.

#1. College campus protesters

Academia's little monsters we know as Social Justice Warriors are now too insane for even them to control.  This year they have screamed their loudest for the eradication of freedom of speech all so no one gets their feelings hurt.  From hating Halloween for "cultural appropriation" (dressing as something that might be considered racist), hating Christmas because Christ, and getting their panties in a bunch over alleged instances of "racial violence" that was either a joke or an outright lie.  They decry "white privilege", while many of them are very much well off.  They are the epitome of 1st world problems.  Remember the Mizzou protesters that invited the media to come report on them, then angrily demanded they leave (with one teacher ask for "some muscle" to help throw them out)?  And let's not forget what happened after the tragic massacre in Paris.  When the media was no longer focusing on them, they became so angry they created a hashtag called (forgive me) #FuckParis!  IS NOTHING SACRED TO THESE BRATS!?  Whenever they got what they wanted, ridiculous demand after ridiculous demand, it's always never good enough.  They won't be satisfied until the world is their "safe space."  They are THE useful idiots.

This is very, very important. SJWs are exactly what fascists and totalitarians want a population to be like, and - unless stopped - they will herald the end of modern, Western, liberal democracy.

You vapid, hateful, coddled, developmentally-arrested, mentally-stunted, narcissistic, perpetual children need to learn before it's too late.  And I think I know just the man to do that:

This year has had me burned out.  I actually feel physically drained by all the nonsense that happened and trying to keep up with it.  But ya know, I'm oddly optimistic about the new year.  I see some signs of hope.  Like more people are realizing what's wrong and how to fix.  I've kinda become a bit of a knight in sour armor lately, but I do have my hope and faith that things can and will get better.  So here's to the new year.  May it be the year we clean things up.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm tired, I've got lots of backlog and a party to plan for.

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