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Monday, January 11, 2016

Top 11 Favorite Disney World Attractions (#7)

#7: The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride is a dark ride that pays tribute to Hollywood’s classic movies, ranging as far back as the silent era all the way up to modern blockbusters.

The entire ride is housed within a building designed after Hollywood’s Chinese Theater. True to Disney ingenuity, this replica truly does resemble the actual Chinese Theater. It even has more than three dozen concrete handprints of various famous Hollywood actors and actresses out front.

Upon entering the building, guests wait within a ride queue showcasing various props from famous movies, both Disney and Hollywood, followed by a movie theater that loops various classic vintage movie trailers.

The ride itself is set up almost like a backlot studio tour, as guests travel on a tram through scenes from such cinematic classics as Casablanca, Tarzan, Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Wizard of Oz. It almost feels as if guests literally are traveling within the actual movies.

There’s even a point in the ride where the tram is hijacked by either a Western bank robber or a Mafioso gangster—that is, until they meet their untimely demise within the Temple of Doom, with the original tour host miraculously returning.

Even then, isn’t it interesting that a Disney attraction feels like it’s being taken over by a crazy mob boss? Can you imagine what would happen if something like that happened in real life? Wouldn’t that be wacky?

No. No it wouldn’t.


I’m Jerk Mahoney. Yeah, that’s right: Jerk Mahoney, and I’m taking over this blog review, see? Mwa-ha-ha-ha—oh, cardiac arrest!

Um, yeah, like I was saying…

It’s quite impressive that this ride has managed to survive to this day, even long after MGM pulled its partnership with Disney-MGM Studios—which, as a result, is now Disney Hollywood Studios—considering how many of the movies featured within the ride are from MGM.

In fact, there were initial rumors that the ride was going to be replaced by a Disney Villains ride. I’m quite glad that didn’t happen, since this ride, along with the Backlot Studio Tour, were the only rides that had anything to do with movies—and the Backlot Tour has since been demolished to be replaced by Toy Story Land! Had The Great Movie Ride also disappeared, the entire park would have been left with absolutely nothing Hollywood-related, which would have made it completely pointless.

Fun Fact: this ride was initially planned for Epcot as an exhibit to showcase the history of film, but the folks at Disney loved the concept of the ride so much that they created an entire theme park for it, which is now Disney Hollywood Studios. Again, had it disappeared, it really would have made the park pointless.

Another Fun Fact: there was also going to be a parody of this ride called the Muppet Movie Land Ride, which, true to its name, would have contained movie scenes parodied by the Muppets. That ride would have been paired up with another Muppet attraction in the park as part of an entire Muppet-themed area; however, the ride was never created, and only the other Muppet attraction came to be.

What attraction was that? Well, it just so happens to be the next item on this list!