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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Two More Great Brits Sadly Bite The Dust

What is with this week? First, David Bowie passes away. Now, we have, not one, but two more famous Brits joining the choir invisible? Does 2016 simply have it out for Great Britain? Can’t we at least have a British person that no one cares about bite the dust? Perhaps Piers Morgan?!

Yes, it’s sad but true: today saw the passing of two British actors: Alan Rickman at 69, and Brian Bedford at 80. In tribute to these great gentlemen, please allow me to remember them by the roles by which I have come to remember them most fondly.

First, Alan Rickman as his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. The following scene from the very last movie is perhaps the most pivotal for the character. Within the earlier books and movies, Snape merely served as a thorn to Harry’s side, being the evil teacher who seemed to have it out for the poor kid.

But in this scene, as we take a glimpse into the Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher’s dying memories, we discover that there was a much greater affection that he harbored for Harry that he managed to remain hidden up to the very end. For Harry Potter fans such as myself, it truly was a shocking, if not humanizing, moment for the character:

Next, we have Brian Bedford as the titular character of Disney’s Robin Hood. Created during Disney’s dark era following Walt’s death, the film is certainly one of the more underrated films—with the only other films being much more underrated being Atlantis and Treasure Planet. It's also one of my favorite childhood films, and my first introduction to the character of Ol Robin!

While I could easily play some of the more jovial scenes from that movie, to keep things more sentimental, I’ve opted to share the love scene between Robin Hood and Maid Marian: