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Monday, January 4, 2016

VGM Monday: KH Gummi Ship Music

I was a fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise before I even played the original games on the PlayStation 2, which I bought just for the sake of playing the games. Seriously, what's not to love about a game that lets you visit worlds of classic Disney movies, fight alongside beloved Disney characters, and fight the meanest of the mean Disney villains? This game manages to do everything right, especially when it comes to the music. Which is why, all this month, I will be highlighting music from the Kingdom Hearts games for VGM Monday.

Starting off, How weird is it that one of the worst aspects of the original Kingdom Hearts game also had some of the best music? The actual Gummi Ship gameplay may have been as slow and clunky as a Large Body heartless, but it’s music was the exact opposite with it being fast-paced and upbeat.

If anything, the sharp contrast between the two made the whole experience more alienating than it already was. Thank goodness, then, that you only had to go through the Gummi Ship levels only once!

The only downside was not being able to listen to the music, which, in all honesty, was the good thing about those levels. Thank goodness, for the OST, then!

Fortunately, Kingdom Hearts 2 saw a vast improvement with the Gummi Ship. Now the gameplay was much more fast-pace, making it much more fun to play. And with much more fast-paced gameplay came much more fast-paced music.

If the music was the only good thing about the Gummi Ship levels in the original Kingdom Hearts, then the music was the best thing ever in the KH2 levels. It's exactly the kind of music you would come to expect from a classic arcade space shoot-em up game, which is what I'm sure KH2 was aiming for.

I especially love the music they had for the Gummi Ship Garage. It's a really upbeat, well, beat, that somehow makes the tedious task of creating Gummi Ships a little bit more fun.