Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Dear John Fugelsang

No, John Fugelsang, Jesus did not require the multitude to receive a drug test to make sure they “deserved” the magically carbon copied fish and bread. However, when the exact same 5,000 people came back the next day begging Jesus for more food, The Big J.C. did tell them that, unless they were going to give up their lives and follow him unto death, that they should “GTFO!” because he wasn’t interested in giving handouts to freeloaders. Yeah, read the whole story. That’s exactly what happened! Funny how most libtarded “Christians” forget that part--probably because they never read it!

It’s "Christians" like Fugelsang who make me want to become an atheist. That way, when some self-righteous “Christian” like him demands that I become a full-fledged socialist because Jesus was one (even though he wasn’t), I could simply reply to them, “So? What do I care that some Bronze Age carpenter said in a book of fairy tales? I’m only interested in what real people said and did!” It's times like this that I envy my libertarian atheist brethren.