Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Disney Sunday: New Pete’s Dragon? Meh!

Last week saw the premiere of the trailer for the Pete’s Dragon remake, and…eh, I’m not that impressed.

For one thing, I never saw the original movie, and the only exposure I had of it was through the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Second, I’m simply not into Disney’s recent trend of remaking every animated masterpiece into a second-rate live action flick. It’s like Disney has run out of other ideas for making money!

And finally, my biggest gripe with this new movie is that the dragon is CGI.

Why is that a big deal, you ask? Its 2016! Of course they’re going to use CGI. Every film nowadays uses CGI.

But that’s the thing: every film already uses CGI!

Let me put it to you this way: the original film’s gimmick was that it was a live-action movie with an animated dragon. Even back them, combining animation into live-action was still a rarity. The only other movies to combine the two before then were Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomstick, and the only other movie to do it after the film would be Who Framed Roger Rabbit nearly a decade later.

This film, on the other hand, is going to combine CGI with live action, which is something that nearly every other film has done in one way or another since the 90s. We’re essentially going to be seeing something we’ve already seen before.

With the original film, its special effect was still a novelty. With this film, its special effect is commonplace. There’s nothing special about it. The only thing worth dragging people into theaters is not worth dragging people into theaters.

Quite frankly, if you want to watch a film where a boy rides a CGI dragon, you might as well stick with How To Train Your Dragon. But I guess we'll simply have to wait and see how this movie plays out.