Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Photo ID For Guns But Not Votes

Don’t consider this an endorsement of voter ID laws. I don’t real support or oppose them. I do find it interesting that many European countries require voter ID, and yet none of them receive the same level of controversy as voter ID laws have over here. Also, no one seems to bat an eye when photo ID is required for a myriad of other transactions, the least of which is buying cough medicine.

But perhaps the most transparent hypocrisy is how the same progressive liberals who argue that voter ID laws infringe on the right to vote don’t seem to feel the same way about proposed background checks for gun purchases, which, following their same logic, would infringe on the real Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Then again, Democrats have a more invested interest in having stupid poor people vote against their own best interests rather than ensuring that good guys have better access to guns than bad guys—which, more and more, seem to be the cops.