Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, February 22, 2016

Silicon Valley Vs. Washington DC

I can already hear the statists cry, “b-b-but government invented the internet!” It didn’t, of course. But even if it did, the free market has allowed the internet to far better benefit the average American than the government ever did.

Government has used the internet to monitor the thoughts and actions of its citizens through mass surveillance. The market, meanwhile, has allowed the internet to provide the populace with goods and services which better improve their overall  lives.

Why else do you think the government is trying so desperately to regulate the internet with bogus measures like SOPA and PIPA? Not to mention that government regulation is preventing “big ebil corporations” from providing free internet to impoverished nations and disadvantaged people. Providing poor people with “free stuff”? That’s the government’s job! Feel Teh Bern!