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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SU Recap: Catch And Release

The prospect of Peridot potentially joining Steven and the Crystal Gems seemed quite intriguing when this episode first premiered. Of the three Homeworld Gems, she was the most likely one to switch sides (aside from Lapis, of course). Throughout the series, she never seemed to have evil intentions. If anything, she came across as a bored worker who was simply doing her job—a job that was inconveniently being interrupted by the Gems. With a little time, she could easily come around; and now, seven episodes later, she finally accepted the path of Avatar’s Zuko and MLP’s Discord and became a bad-character-turned good.

While this episode did introduce Peridot’s character redemption arc, the episode itself isn’t really that special. There’s not much for me to comment on in this episode, aside from pointing out a few good lines. Most of the humor was quite lackluster, and there were plenty of moments that felt like filler. Overall, not the best episode in Peridot’s arc, or even this season, but it's the most likely place for it to start.

"Good night, ominous triangle at the foot of my bed."

OMFG, Steven, run! It's Bill Cipher! He's come to usher in Weirdmagedon. Oh no. Wait. It’s only Peridot.

Does anyone else consider Steven's magical healing spit to be somewhat of a deus ex machina? One episode, he has the healing saliva of Jesus Christ; and now, he doesn't. Why? Because plot convenience.

Garnet hugged Peridot to death. Huh! Escape from Tomorrow was right: hugs really ARE deadly.

Apparently, her arms and legs were merely prosthesis. I wonder if such prosthesis are available to all gems or to peridots only.

"If you need me, I'll be in my room eating garbage." Don't get too full. You and the gems are going to celebrate with pizza soon.

So why didn’t Steven simply go down to the basement? All Rose's Room did was show what Peridot said before she was poofed out of existence. Overall, it was completely pointless.

Good thing that landing wasn't as worse as it could have been. He did land in a room seeping with lava. He could have easily flown into the pool and incinerated himself.

So what exactly happens to gems when they're bubbled. From this scene, it appears as though they're placed in suspended animation from the moment they were poofed. So are they completely unaware of their situation? Are they like Pokemon in their Pokeballs?

"Oh my gosh. You are so cute! You're like an angry slice of pie."

So this is the baby fight that Amethyst was talking about.

You have to be from another planet to fall for the oldest trick of the book that is "what’s on your shirt?"

Being called cute: the worst thing that a tough girl can hear. Peridot is officially a tsundare.

Here we hear our first mention of the "cluster", but we won’t learn more about it until next episode. SU knows when to divulge enough information to keep watchers waiting.

Good thing you didn't fill up on garbage there, Amethyst.

"Look, another planet to betray!"

"Seems like I discovered some sort of archaic…thinking chamber." Well, you're not wrong.

"If you’re trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won’t work. Trust me, I tried."

Sapphire: "No more fighting. Let's have a civil conversation."

Peridot: "As if I'd negotiate with you, filthy war machine."

Ruby: "Okay, let's kick her butt."

"What other choice do we have? Keep her outside by a leash?" Why do I get the feeling that she may have tried that before with Amethyst?

"Just go in the ocean, bro. Pssh! Like a fish. I have fun doing it."

Well, that certainly raises the question: if gems don’t have to eat, how do they digest their food? Can they even digest food? If they can't, how do they eat and poop?

As funny as Peridot's antics in the bathroom are, they do highlight how alien the concept of a bathroom is to them. They obviously don't need to use a bathroom, as they don't have to eat. Peridot even claimed that the bathroom was a thinking chamber. And clearly, they don’t need to concern themselves with hygiene, as Peridot assumes that everything in there, from the tooth brush to the hair brush, are all weapons. Huh, so they don't have to care about hygiene, yet they manage to keep up their appearances. Do their hair remain the same as the rest of their physical forms, then?