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Monday, February 15, 2016

SU Recap: It Could've Been Great

Life and death and love and birth, and peace and war on the planet Earth. Is there anything that's worth more than peace and love on the planet Earth?

This song is so simple, and yet it reveals so much about this episode. With Steven having been born on the planet, and the Crystal Gems having served thousands of years to defend it, they’ve grown to love the planet they call home—a love that Peridot has yet to fully understand. This is made all the more apparent once they discover Gem Homeworld’s initial plans for the planet. Peridot expresses nothing but glee over what the Earth could have been, but she remains oblivious as to why the other’s do not share her same excitement. Of course, not having lived there, she wouldn’t understand, and it’ll take her another episode for her to fully realize that.

Do Gems even need to "take a break"? They don’t need to eat or sleep, so do they even get tired? If not, then obviously "taking a break" would be an alien concept to a working class Gem like Peridot, who would probably do nothing else but tend to her assigned duties 24/7. The Crystal Gems, having lived on the Earth for a long time, would have since come to appreciate being able to kick back and enjoy life, as does Steven.

"Working hard is important, but feeling good is important, too."

Tell that to North Korea.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if Gem Homeworld has music or art. Peridot clearly doesn't understand it. It's clearly an alien concept to her. That could be her analytical mind over-thinking things, or it could very well be because she's never encountered music before. If that's the case, then that either means that there is no music on Homeworld, or music and the other arts are merely reserved for the upper class gems, with the lower classes being denied access to them, as it would prove too distracting from their main work. Considering Peridot's behavior, that very well could be the case.

One of things I love about Steven Universe's musical numbers is how "spontaneous" they feel. In contrast to MLP:FiM, where most of the music consists of grandiose musical numbers, SU's music feel as though they're being made up on the spot. Clearly an example of organized chaos.

And what I like about this song is how it reflects the appreciation that Steven and the other Crystal Gems have for their home planet, which will greatly contrast with their disgust later in the episode to what Homeworld's original intentions were for the planet.

Okay. Now I'm curious as to what marshmallows and hot dogs taste like at the same time.

Oh no! Peridot turned into the evil monkey in Chris Griffin's closet!

Considering what Garnet did to Peridot a few episodes back, I'm not surprised that Peridot had that reaction to Garnet patting her on the back.

Steven: "It only feels like yesterday that she was trying to kill us."

Pearl: "No, no. that was several weeks ago."

So the base is on the moon? Does that mean we're going to space? Space? I love space. Want to go to space. Going to space. SPPPPPPPAAAAAACCCCCCEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

No more earth means "no more naps." Well, actually, there will still be naps. Everyone will be napping.  Thing is, those naps will be permanent. Wow! That was a dark joke.

And Deus Ex Machina lion flies them to the moon!

So how did the giant gem moon base go unnoticed by the Apollo astronauts? Was there even an Apollo Space Program in the SU universe? The creators have said that WW2 never happened in the SU universe. If there was no WW2, then there were no postwar tensions between the US and Soviet Union. And if there were no postwar tensions, then there was no Cold War. No Cold War means no Space Race, and thus, no Apollo space program, and no moon landing.

Or there was a space program and the Apollo astronauts landed nowhere near where the Gem moon base was. That was simple!

So there's still zero gravity on the moon, but apparently, there's also a breathable atmopshere allowing Steven to breathe. How else are we to explain Steven no suffocating to death upon his arrival? You could say there's still oxygen in the moon base (which is a bit of a stretch), but then again, do Gems even need to breath?

So Gems are able to adjust their physical bodies to any planet they travel to. Hmm. Convenient.

So we get to see Blue and Yellow Diamond, but we've yet to see Red or White Diamond. Wonder why that is. There's a fan theory that Rose Quartz is actually Red Diamond, but I find that to be a bit far fetched. For one thing, while Rose Quartz is indeed large, she is no where as gargantuan as the other Diamonds.

Also, if she had been a Diamond, and she was portrayed on the wall with the others, then Steven and the Crystal Gems would have automatically recognized her and at least commented on it. That or they didn't notice.

You know, I never understood the concept of magically appearing and reappearing stairs. If you need a way to get to a higher level of a building, than shouldn't that way be permanent? At least escalators allow you to travel up without walking. But this? Seems rather pointless. Impressive. But still pointless.

Steven: "Hey what's this thing?"

Garnet: "Nothing important, let's move on."

Steven: "But if it wasn't important, then why did we stop right here in this episode to notice it? Wouldn't that make this scene pointless."

Garnet: "Well, what I meant to say is that this thing is important, but only for another episode. It's called foreshadowing."

You know Peridot is experiencing a guilty pleasure here, sort of like a British person sitting on the Royal Throne, or an American sitting in the Oval Office.

Steven: "What's this doo-dad for?"

Peridot: "Put it back. It's not important."

Steven: "Well, if it's not important, than why did we take time in this episode to address it?"

Peridot: "Well, obviously I meant that it isn't important now, but it will be for the next episode. It's called foreshadowing."

Wow. For a really old system, it seems to work better than Windows 8.

Okay, this is clearly an alternate universe. South America seems to have taken a good chunk out of Africa, Australia has split up, and most of Russia is underwater. That's probably why there was no American Space Program, as there's no Russia for them to have had a Space Race against.

And here we see most of the Gem structures that were visited in previous episodes. I'm not going to point them all out, because you can just rewatch the previous episodes for yourself.

Wow. One of the only planets in our solar system with water and oxygen required for sustaining life, and the Gems wanted to hollow out the entire thing. You'd think they would have settled for a barren planet like Mars if that was their intention.

Again, extinction of all life on the only planet capable of sustaining life. Are the Homeworld Gems really this short-sighted? (Well, as we learn in the very next episode, apparently they are.)

Peridot is fangasming harder than I did when I first learned about Disney's original intention with EPCOT. It could have been great, indeed!

"Congrats, Rose Quartz, you doomed the planet."

Oh, now you f****d up, Peridot!

Garnet demonstrates how to handle a malfunctioning computer running Windows 8.

Steven: "Peridot, I thought the message of my song about Peace and Love on the Planet Earth would have gotten though to you."

Peridot: "Well, forget you! Imma snag this communicator and try to hide it worse than a little kid hiding the cookie he snuck from the cookie jar. It's called foreshadowing."