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Monday, February 8, 2016

SU Recap: Steven's Birthday

So, Steven’s 14 years old. Yeah, that surprised me as well. I’d always assumed he was 12 or younger. At least this episode acknowledges how weird it is that he’s older than he actually appears, and offers somewhat of an explanation as to why this is. As such, this episode not only delves further into Steven’s physiology as a half-human, half-gem hybrid, but on the affect this has on his psyche.

For Steven, being half-gem means being half-human, and being half-human means that he doesn’t quite fit in with the other human characters. This obviously makes him feel lonely, even when he knows that he has human family and friends who love him—especially now that it’s been revealed that he ages differently than everyone else, leaving the potential possibility that Steven may end up outliving his other human loved ones.

As with the episode “Full Disclosure”, Steven is afraid about what his life as a gem will affect his relationship with others, especially Connie. In that episode, he was afraid of her getting hurt because of his involvement with the Gems and their escapades; and in this episode, he’s afraid of possibly outliving her. But, as most scenarios of this nature obviously play out, Connie comes to accept Steven for who he is, and is more than willing to stick by his side no matter what. It’s an overplayed scenario, but one that is no less sentimental, which is all the more reason to like this series.

At least if they fail to stop the Cluster, Steven can die happy knowing that he celebrated his last birthday. (What? Is that too dark an observation?)

At least there's a convenient excuse that Peridot isn’t in this episode. Saves having to introduce Greg or Connie to her.

Steven: "May I offer you a refreshment?"

Connie: "Oh, Steven, how genteel."

Both: "Clink."

I like cute moments like that.

I'm not shocked that Connie's parents made her bring along a defibrillator. I'm shocked at the prospect of what else they required her to bring.

Connie's expresses the same reaction that most of the SU fandom had when they learned that Steven was 14. Yeah, kind of hard to believe. I'd too always assumed that he was younger. And at least the show gives us a good explanation for why that is.

Kind of depressing to see Greg's hair disappear in only three years of Steven's life.

So apparently Steven stopped aging at age 8. How is that so? Probably because most child psychologists claim that age eight is when most children develop a sense of self. Once Steven became self aware of himself, he subconsciously never changed himself.

As we learned in "Too Many Birthdays", gems' appearances are based upon their emotional state, which is to say that they appear as old as they feel. And as we saw in that episode, and also in this episode, such a power can have chaotic consequences if a gem's emotional state becomes unstable.

"I can't hold this forever." And as we see in this episode, those words are quite literal, as far as Steven is concerned.

Oh boy. Now that cape and crown are bringing back memories of "Too Many Birthdays." Great, now I'm getting depressed again.

Wow, puberty really hit him hard, especially in the vocal cords.

No, Garnet, Steven is supposed to blow out a candles and make a wish.

Connie: "It's just a fancy box that makes it look like I spent a lot of time wrapping it."

At least Steven knows that most boys and men usually wear their button-down shirts open.

That record cover is of an album of Estelle, the voice actress for Garnet.

Who said white boys can't dance?

Connie: "You should sneak me into a PG-13 movie sometime. Just kidding, I would never ask you to break the law."

Or pointless. Connie is 12 and three quarters, which means she's three months away from being able to watch such a movie legally. Besides, I'm pretty sure the law states that minors can watch movie when accompanied by someone above the age limit, which would be Steven.

Daw! I love cute moments like this.

At this point, I'm more surprised that Amethyst and Greg were breaking a pinata our of sight from everyone else. Shouldn't Steven be breaking it since he's, you know, the birthday boy. Why so private? Is this supposed to be a metaphor for something else?

Amethyst: "Were you stretching yourself out all day?"

Steven: "No, I was just, slouching."

Steven: "I can't be a kid forever. What happens when Connie grows up and becomes president. What will that make me? First boy?"

Yeah, at this point, if you're the least bit surprised that Steven has romantic feelings for Connie, you're as oblivious as the fans who claim that Ruby and Sapphire aren't a romantic couple, or that Pearl never had romantic feelings for Rose.

Nothing good ever happens when people say, "we'll just have to wait and see."

Of course Connie sees Dogcopter in the sky. Of course!

I know this is supposed to be a traumatic moment, but I cant help but think about how cute Baby Steven is.

Three-eyed mommy is the silliest.

Of course Greg resorts to taking the baby for a drive to calm him down.

"Don't worry, Steven. It doesn't matter to me what age it seems like you are, I want to hang out with you no matter what."

Yup. This is so a much better love story than Twilight.

Baby Seat Amethyst is really creepy.

Connie, if Steven had reverted back to a zygote, then shaking around his shirt into which he had reverted to isn’t going to help. I'm sure you threw him out sometime in the process.

Well, at least this episode ends on a high note with Steven realizing that he's getting older. Yay for his first facial hair. Like father, like son! :D