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Saturday, February 6, 2016

SU Recap: Too Far

Within her character redemption story arc, we see Peridot forming a stronger relationship with the different gems as she gets to know the more personally. We saw this with Pearl in the last episode, and we’ll see it with Garnet in an upcoming episode. And in this episode, we have her developing her relationship with Amethyst.

Getting to see Peridot form a sense of humor, as well as learn to form boundaries for her humor, does provide for a lot of humorous moments themselves, even if most of them are at her own expense. And that seems to be a major nitpick I have with this episode. I understand the message it’s trying to send, that you shouldn’t make fun of other people and hurt their feelings, but that message seems to be weakened when you take into account that Peridot herself was the butt of most of the jokes in this episode. Apparently, it’s okay for Amethyst to make fun of Peridot’s speech and mannerisms, but it’s going “too far” when Amethyst becomes the receiving end of a joke? Whatever “lesson” the episode was trying to teach seems to only come across as the pot calling the kettle black.

Otherwise, the episode had its good moments. When the gags are good, they are good, as are the action-filled and charming moments. It’s this blend of humor, action, and drama which fans have come to love, and while the message may have been off, everything else manages to make up for it.

Just wait five more episodes, and her tape recorder will contain an entire episode's worth of comedy gold.

The spontaneous singing and crying I can get, but singing while crying? What’s up with that?

"Clod. Dirty Clod. Running out of way to say 'clod.'"

Old McGarnet had a farm. E-I-E-I-O!

Peridot: "Would you mind un-fusing. It's triggering me."

Garnet: "Here you go: safe in your safe space."

Garnet: "Her having free reign of the place was becoming incredibly triggering for me."

Okay, I may have taken several liberties with those quotes, but this is what I heard.

I wonder if Amethyst ever wondered how many licks it would take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

And the next few seconds are Peridot giving technobabble names to everyday objects, such as "leverage optimizer."

A nose is a "scents sponge", eyes are "vision spheres", fingers are "touch stumps", and feet are "gravity connectors." I wonder what she calls boobs. "Male gaze attractors"?

Amethyst: "You're funny."

Peridot: "Funny?"

Steven: "Yeah, you're fun to be around."

Peridot: "Fun? What is this fun?"

Steven: *whips out ukelele* "Oh, F is for friends who do stuff together…"

Peridot: "You must be joking."

Garnet: "You'll know when I'm joking."

Amethyst: "Making more nerd notes?"

Peridot: "What is 'nerd'?"

Amethyst: …

Peridot: "Can you use it in a sentence?"

Amethyst: "Nerd. You are a nerd."

Amethyst makes best (or worst) internet troll.

As we will see in "The Answer", fusion is primarily used by Gem Homeworld for combat. While fusion is not taboo, fusion between gems from two different classes or ranks is, and fusion outside of combat is clearly alien.

"She's not even fighting. She's like, you know, you know."

Might want to be careful making that hand gesture, Peridot. The SU fans are going to have a day with that.

"His organic half consumes so much energy that he constantly has to feed, and he spends so much time expelling that he has a whole room dedicated to it."

Well, it seems as though Peridot has discovered that there's more to the "thinking chamber" that she originally thought.

Here we learn a little bit more about the Gem Homeworld social order. Quartzes like Amethyst are a higher rank than either Pearls or the gems normally used in fusions, and as we will later see, Diamonds are at a much higher rank than the rest of them.

Apparently, Amethyst was born later than the other Quartzes in the Kindergarten. So, in other words, she was a later bloomer.

The Quartzes are a warrior class of "huge loyal soldiers" that are tall and broad-shouldered. In other words, a lot like Jasper. There has been a fan theory that both Jasper and Amethyst are "sisters", which I find to be a bit stretching to be believable, but they are apparently of the same class of gems.

I'm surprised that Amethyst didn't outright punch Peridot. It probably would have been against their "truce agreement." It also would have placed Amethyst in the wrong when the episode requires Peridot to be in the wrong.

And that brings up the biggest problem I have with this episode. The moral is clearly "don't make fun of other people and hurt their feelings", but all throughout this episode, we had Amethyst making fun of Peridot. So apparently, it was okay for Amethyst to make fun of Peridot, but now that Amethyst's toes have been stepped on, it’s not funny anymore? Your moral pretty much falls flat when there's so much blatant hypocrisy.

Pearl: "This drill is pure irony."

Peridot: "Actually, it’s mostly carbonite."

Steven: "Would that make it carbony."

Steven, don't give up your day job, which you don't really have.

Again, the whole "you shouldn’t hurt another person's feelings" message is extremely lost when the person's whose feelings have been hurt spent most of the episode making fun of another person.

Beyblade, Beyblade, let it rip!

Wow! Steven must be getting bad flashbacks from the Funland tea cup ride.

And from this moment was birthed a shipping that went viral through the entire SU community.

Pearl, you should know better by now that leaving Steven and/or Amethyst alone with anything will only lead to chaos.

We'll build it stronger, better, bigger, faster…*cue Daft Punk*

"Why are you earthlings so difficult?" That's something I keep asking myself concerning members of my own species.

"Log date 7112. This entire planet is backwards. There hasn't been one instance of correct behavior exhibited by anyone of these Crystal Gems. I have concluded that they are all defective. But I am no better. I failed my mission and I'm now working with the enemy. And I can't even get that right. I have apparently "hurt" Amethyst's "feelings", which was not my intent. If I damaged my standing with the best Gem here, then I've made a serious mistake. I'm still learning. I hope you understand. I want to understand. I'm sorry. Peridot. Facet 5. End log."

That's such a touching monologue. Too bad the message is overall muddied by the episode's hypocrisy.