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Thursday, February 4, 2016

SU Recap: When It Rains

What I love most about Steven Universe over My Little Pony is how natural the character development plays out. Unlike MLP:FiM, where characters turn on a dime (Discord, Trixie, Sunset Shimmer), here, Peridot’s redemption play out much more gradually as it should. In this episode, she starts out not trusting anyone, but then warms up to Steven, and eventually the other Gems. Throughout this story arc, we see her further develop her relationship with the others until we finally see her turn from Homeworld to their side. Obviously, it’s neat to see Peridot join the Crystal Gems, but it’s even better knowing that this progression moves as natural as it can be over the span of the remaining episodes. I only wish that this level of detail was applied equally to MLP sometimes.

Peridot, you're trapped on a planet that's about to be destroyed with no way off of it. The least you can do is tell the people most likely to help what's going on, unless you actually want to die with the rest of them.

Nice going, Amethyst. Not only did you destroy Peridot's limbs, which contained information on the Cluster, but you also destroyed the only leverage you had over Peridot.

Peridot makes best angry Kermit face... to sock puppet Dipper Pines.

Garnet: "Oh, Steven, there's one more thing that I have to mention"

Steven: "What’s that?"

Garnet: *makes heart shape* "I love you."

Garnet is cool mom.

Good choice, Steven. Soup is always good on a cold, rainy day or night.

The fact that Peridot doesn't know what rain is implies that there's no rain on Gem Homeworld. There's probably not even any water. Though if that is the case, you have to wonder how Gems like Sapphire and Lapis are able to manipulate water. How can you manipulate something that doesn't exist on your planet?

I see Steven gets his science lessons from Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Careful, Steven: you'll catch a cold. Wait. You can’t catch a cold by getting cold or wet. That's just an old wives tale. Never mind.

Most story buffs have already pointed this out, but in most stories about redemption, water or rain usually represents baptism, a ceremony where a person gives up their old identity in favor of a new one. The old man is dead, and is washed away by the water to be reborn anew. This is why, in media, you usually see water, rain, or ocean during a character’s turning point. Here, by being shown by Steven that the rain can’t harm her, Peridot gains trust in Steven, and starts her journey towards her inevitable redemption.

Steven: "I know you used my toothbrush."

Peridot: "What? No. Well, yes."

What exactly did she use it for? To see what it's like to use it?

Steven: "You have to hold my hand the whole time."

So, does that technically make this a date? Just look at the twinkle in his eye.

Apparently, Steven has a song to explain how he was conceived: "The Ballad Of Rose And Greg." Somehow, I'm glad Peridot cut him off before he could offer it. A boy singing how his mom and dad "created" him? Yup, cringey.

Last time Steven was in this same room with Peridot, she tried to crush him with her giant hands of doom. You'd think he'd be more hesitant being in this same room with her.

A man is able to do what a woman couldn't? Sexist, much, cartoon?

"What's up, Dot?" Did we mention that we're on the same channel that used to air Looney Tunes shorts?!?!

"That's a lot of gem shards." Steven, your Matthew Broderick impression needs work.

Steven: "There's a giant, mutant gem the size of the Earth under us right now?"

Peridot: "Oh no. When it forms, it'll be much, much bigger than the earth."

No, no, you don't have gonorrhea, dear, you have ovarian cancer.

All kidding aside, it seems as though Homeworld planted a self-destruct code into the Earth as "Plan B": If we can’t control it, we'll destroy it. I'd call that a literal "scorched earth" campaign, but there is literally no earth that will be left from this.

So let me get this straight, Peridot: you're willing to trust the salvation of the Earth in the hands of a 13-year-old child, but not three 6,000 year old gems who have more experience than you or him? How did you ever become smart enough to be hired by Homeworld. (Wait, does Homeworld even hire? Because it seems as though all their workers are manufactured.)

So this is the game that would be created if Super Monkey Ball crossed over with Silent Hill?

Steven: "Quick. Into this corner."

Peridot: "Oh no, we’re cornered."

Gee, who would have seen THAT coming.

Amethyst seems to have the same hover attack as Sonic.

Garnet uses Thunder Wave. It is super effective.

And now we see Peridot warming up to the Gems. Things are moving along nicely.