Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Teach Bears Not To Attack

College Humor(less) previously released a video called “What If Bears Killed One In Five People?” in which a bunch of dudebros watching football get attacked by a bear that they chose to ignore. The implication, of course, is to contrast this behavior with that towards the “1 in 5 women get raped” statistic, insisting that we should take rape as seriously as we would bear attacks if the rates for them were as high.

Of course, the “1 in 5 women” feminist talking point has been proven bunk, and the real statistics are astronomically higher. 1 in 5 women? More like 1 in 52! And that’s also ignoring the fact that sexual assault rates, especially among college-age women, have been on the sharp decline for decades.

But let’s pretend that 1 in 5 women really are raped. If bear attacks were equally as common, then clearly, according to feminist logic (or lack thereof), the solution would be, not to teach people how to defend themselves from bear attacks, but to teach bears not to attack! Sounds ridiculous? So is “teach men not to rape”!