Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, February 1, 2016

VGM Monday: Strike the Earth! Plains of Passage

If you still haven’t played Shovel Knight yet, you should. It is amazing! Think of it almost like a medieval Mega Man. The main difference is that you’re not fighting with a blaster. You’re not even fighting with a sword. You’re fighting with a shovel. A freaking shovel! And somehow the game manages to make that feel epic!

Another main difference between this game and Mega Man is that, unlike Mega Man, this game manages to be both challenging AND forgiving. The levels still pose a challenge, to be sure, but unlike Mega Man, they’re not impossible to beat, as your lives aren't really that limited. You can keep playing a level over and over again until you finally beat it, and all without getting a single game over. Again, the game is still challenging, but at least it gives you leeway to overcome it.

As this game is obviously an 8-bit throwback to retro gaming, everything from the sprites to the music all look and feel like a game ported from the original NES. And just like an old school game, it has some kickbutt retro-style music. This can be heard perfectly with the stage music for the very first level, The Plains. Just take a listen and tell me it doesn’t sound like it was ripped straight from Mega Man:

Also, Shovel Knight should have totally been in Super Smash Bros. rather than yet another Fire Freaking Emblem character!