Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, February 22, 2016

VGM Monday: Xerneas & Yveltal Battle Theme

You enter a vast dark room. Your footsteps echo within the hollow darkness. Before you, standing in the center, looms a tall beast. Is it a giant deer, or rather a giant bird? You cannot tell in this darkness.

You can only watch as the beast struggles in place. It is restrained by several fiber optic tubes glowing with energy—energy that appears to be emanating from the beast itself. Clearly, its energy is being harvested for untold nefarious purposes.

Suddenly, from the beast resonates a spectrum of light and color. Whatever energy it is giving off now appears to be surging at a much greater rate. From its very essence comes a mighty blast that finally frees it from its bonds.

Evidently traumatized by its experience, the beast begins to rampage. You can only watch and stare as the beast goes mad. The ground rumbles as an earthquake. The air cracks like thunder.  You feel it upon yourself to subdue this mighty monster, lest the world around your crumbles apart from the chaos. You take a step forward and initiate the battle.

Twenty years ago, Pokémon was first introduced to the world through Pokemon Red and Blue for the original Gameboy. To commemorate this legendary occasion, I wish to share my absolute favorite legendary Pokémon battle music for VGM Monday.

Of all the legendary Pokémon music, the Xerneas/Yveltal battle theme is by far the most legendary. The score has such a grand scale that you honestly feel as though you are doing battle with an legendary creature.

Everything about this music sounds so monumental. It truly makes you feel as though the fate of the world is in your hands—and in the case of this legendary event, it truly is. (Also, this music totally should have been used in the newest Super Smash Bros.)