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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Check Your White Dread Privilege

I’d been considering penning a satirical Daily Bungle article where a black girl attacked a white person with dreadlocks, with her legal defense being that the “racist” white person had “triggered” her with their “microaggression” by having “culturally appropriated” her people’s hairstyle. Well, it seems that reality has beaten me to the punch already, and now satire has become reality. I really wish it hadn’t!

Yes, a real black girl had attacked a white person for wearing dreadlocks, and she’s defending herself by claiming that the “racist” white guy in question “triggered” her with his “microaggression” by having “culturally appropriated” her people’s hairstyle. But, of course, it served that white cishetero s***lord right for failing to “check his privilege.” /s

Remind me again why social justice warriors consider themselves to be “decent human beings”? Because last time I checked, decent human beings don’t beat the s*** out of other people for wearing a hairstyle they don’t like. But what would I know. I’m not a social justice warrior, so I’m obviously not a “decent human being.” Excuse me while I go “check my privilege.” /s

Oh, and before any race-baiting SJWs argue that the white guy was in the wrong for “culturally appropriating” dreadlocks, imma make you watch this video and educate yourself. Kindly have a seat:

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

G.K. Chesterton Refutes Richard Dawkins REDUX

"We are machines built by DNA whose purpose is to make more copies of the same DNA…It is every living object's sole reason for living." - Richard Dawkins

"It is as if a man were asked, "What is the use of a hammer?" and answered, "To make hammers"; and when asked, "And of those hammers, what is the use?" answered, "To make hammers again". Just as such a man would be perpetually putting off the question of the ultimate use of carpentry, so...all the rest of us are by these phrases successfully putting off the question of the ultimate value of the human life." - G. K. Chesterton

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Isaac Newton Refutes Stephen Hawking REDUX

"Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going." – Stephen Hawking

"So then Gravity may put ye planets into motion but without ye divine power it could never put them into such a Circulating motion as they have about ye Sun, and therefore, for this as well as other reasons, I am compelled to ascribe ye frame of this Systeme to an intelligent Agent." – Isaac Newton

Another great quote from Isaac Newton:

"Did blind chance know that there was light and what was its refraction, and fit the eyes of all creatures after the most curious manner to make use of it? These and other suchlike considerations, always have, and always will prevail with mankind, to believe that there is a Being who made all things, who has all things in his power, and who is therefore to be feared."

Monday, March 28, 2016

VGM Monday: DuckTales Remastered Theme

Unless you've been living under a duck’s behind for the longest time—in which case, how did you even get into such a situation, considering that ducks aren't that heavy?—you probably know that the DuckTales television series is getting a reboot in 2017. They've even released a promotional image not too long ago, and the artwork looks good to say the least.

It’s quite exciting that such a Disney classic is going to be introduced to a whole new generation of children. Of course, the cartoon isn't the only thing DuckTales-related to receive a reboot. The classic Nintendo game received its own remake three years ago, and with it came an epic remake of the opening theme:

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Jesus Offered Miracles, Not Economic Plans

Left-wing "Christians" like John Fugelsang often use the story of Jesus feeding the multitude as an example of "spreading the wealth" as to claim that Jesus was a socialist (which he wasn't) who would support welfare and food stamps.

What they neglect to mention is that, when the exact same 5,000 people came back the next day begging Jesus for more food, The Big J.C. did tell them that, unless they were going to give up their lives and follow him unto death, that they should “GTFO!” because he wasn’t interested in giving handouts to freeloaders.

Yeah, read the whole story. That’s exactly what happened! Funny how most libtarded “Christians” forget that part--probably because they never read it!

Oh, and Happy Easter!

Chalk Drawings Are Triggering!

I started my freshmen year of college in 2004. I graduated in 2009. That was nearly seven years ago. So what’s happened since then that’s transformed college campuses into adult daycare centers? Because I sure as hell don’t remember college students being nearly this bat guano insane.

I should know: I used to be one not that long ago. I don’t remember any of my fellow students being nearly as fragile or thin-skinned or simply out-of-touch with reality. And yet nowadays I can’t go one day without learning about students becoming “triggered” or demanding “safe spaces.”

This past week has seemed especially bad, with everything wrong with modern academia and the current crop of “micro-aggression”-fretting, “safe space”-huddling, ultra-PC millennial college students coming to a bubbling froth.

This week we've had everything from “gay devil worshippers” trying to combat “budding conservatism” at the University of Minnesota (and by “budding conservatism”, they mean as few as 20 students total), to a black gay rights-supporting transgender being prevented from speaking about social justice of all things because she’s loosely affiliated with a group that supports—gasp!—Israel.

But by far, the crème de le crème of social justice insanity had to be the story about how Emory University went into full panic mode after  “Trump 2016” was scrawled in chalk several times across campus.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Shameless Plug Saturday: The Chris Chan Documentary

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Christian Weston Chandler, otherwise known as Chris Chan. If not, consider yourselves lucky!

In all seriousness, Chris Chan is the infamous creator of a poorly-drawn webcomic known as Sonichu, the main character of which is a combination of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu.

That would be bad enough as it is, but what makes this individual all the more infamous is the amount of internet and real-life drama he’s been involved in—the least, and most recent, of which was pepper spraying a GameStop employee after protesting the game Sonic Boom because Sonic’s arms were blue rather than their normal tan. (I wish I were making that up!)

I could go into detail of Chris Chan’s misadventures and internet antics and the amount of drama, trolling, and hate he’s received because of it, but I don’t have to. Just last year, an hour-long documentary was released chronicling both his life and internet infamy—albeit providing a more neutral and nuanced view than most other “credible” accounts (*cough* ED *cough*).

Even if you’re familiar with the internet “sensation” that is Chris Chan, I’d highly recommend watching this documentary, if not for any other reason than to get a more clearer view of him from another light. Even if you “hate” him, you might end up gaining some sympathy for him and start seeing him as the human (albeit flawed) being that he is:

Friday, March 25, 2016

Vote Trump, Get Dumped?

Not a fan of Donald Trump, but I find it hilarious how far many feminist SJWs are willing to go to try to "Stump the Trump." Yes, #VoteTrumpGetDumped is a real hashtag wherein feminist SJWs are "threatening" not to have sex with anyone who votes for Trump. Why do I get the feeling that most of the "women" re-tweeting the hashtag were too ugly or homely to get laid to begin with? It's probably best that no men sleep with them, lest those men contract an STD that will make them "Feel the Bern"!

Anyway, if you want a more thorough and intelligent response to this laughable movement, I suggest watching the following video by TL;DR:

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Sonic Watch & Win Sweepstakes

Remember the old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon?

No, not the cool Saturday morning cartoon about the blue hedgehog teaming up with a freedom fighter princess against a totalitarian dystopia.

I’m talking about the other cartoon—the one that the Nostalgic Critic described as being less normal than a mentally-disabled, criminally-insane person who was drunk, high, and lobotomized.

Yeah, back in the day, it had a Kaybee Toys sweepstakes:

All you had to do to enter the sweepstakes was to watch the show and write down the message from it’s Sonic Sez segments. Remember those? They had great life lessons like, “don’t ride inside dryers”, and “you can learn something from a sloth.”

And you want to know what lucky kid won that sweepstakes? You’ll never guess who it was, and you’ll be more that surprised, if not mortified, by who the winner was:

Batman V Superman: Worst. Movie. Ever.

If my dog took a fresh dump after having previously binged on five-day-old garbage, the diverse contents of which ranged from a loaded diaper from a baby suffering from chronic diarrhea to the moldy leftover remains of month-old tuna casserole thawed from the freezer-burned recesses of my fridge, I don’t need to pick that s*** up and plop it into my mouth to know that it tastes awful.

I haven’t seen Batman V Superman. I don’t plan on seeing it. And I don’t need to see it to know that it’s a steaming pile of dog s***! Man of Steel was awful enough on its own, so why should I expect anything better from its crossover sequel?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Waffle Irons More Practical Than Border Wall

Five or six years ago, if I had heard a politician claim that we needed to stop illegal immigration by building a border wall, I would have nodded my empty head in agreement. Now that I have a little bit more knowledge and common sense in my noggin, it’s less likely to wobble like a bobble head along with an equally empty-headed politician like Donald Trump.

I know that some of my followers either support Trump or at least sympathize with his call to build a wall. To them, I offer this most recent video by John Oliver, the smartest man on television and the internet, explaining why a border wall is pointless:

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Disney Sunday: Tower Of Terror Being Replaced?

There’s a rumor—and only a rumor!—currently circulating the interwebs that the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror attraction will be disappearing into a dimension of sight and sound, and that it will be replaced by a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction.

Currently, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is undergoing massive refurbishments, with many of its attractions such as the Studio Backlot Tour and American Idol Experience having been shut down, and with plans for expansions with Toy Story and Star Wars-themed lands.

Many fans have speculated that another expansion to the park will include a Marvel-themed land that will include re-theming the Tower of Terror attraction into one based upon the Guardians of the Galaxy (with the ride allegedly being set within the Collector’s mansion).

While many worried Disney fans have interpreted this “news” as fact, this is a rumor, and only a rumor, for two good reasons:

Thursday, March 17, 2016

America Has BEGUN Descending Into Fascism?

To everyone who’s saying that America has only recently begun descending into fascism now that Donald Trump’s running for president.

Where were you when our government approved the USA PATRIOT Act, permitting the warrantless searches, seizures, and surveillance of the communication of everyday citizens?

Where were you when it was revealed that our government was using torture practices such as waterboarding under the guise of “enhanced interrogation techniques” against prisoners of war?

Where were you when it was revealed that our government blatantly lied about weapons of mass destruction in order to start a fraudulent war with Iraq?

Where were you when our government approved legislation permitting the indefinite detention of American citizens without even the slightest due process?

Where were you when our government approved the targeting of American citizens for drone strikes if they pose an "imminent threat" to national security--and by "imminent threat," they mean no "clear evidence" of one whatsoever?

Where were you when our government imprisoned one whistleblower and forced another whistleblower out of the country after they both revealed information concerning our government committing war crimes and carrying out mass surveillance of ordinary citizens?

Where were you when Obama became the first president to approve more unmanned drone strikes and prosecute more whistleblowers than any previous president before him?

Where have you been while the War on Terror has been waged under Bush and Obama? Have you been asleep? If so, how was your 15 year long nap? And how does it feel to have finally waken up?

Monday, March 14, 2016

America Should Be More Like Denmark (For The Wrong Reasons)

Bernie Sanders says that America should be more "socialist" like Denmark. I agree with him, but for all the wrong reasons. Denmark has a 22% corporate tax rate (US: 35% corporate tax rate), no legislated minimum wage (US: $7.25 per hour minimum wage), and is the 3rd best country for doing business (US: 7th best country). Turns out Denmark isn't really that socialist. Even its prime minister admits that.

Friday, March 11, 2016

No Fan Art Friday Or Shameless Plug Saturday This Week

Have some Undertale crack instead. (Have it, or else you're gonna have a bad time!):

Best Argument Against Democracy 3

"You only hire people with PhDs in neuroscience to be brain surgeons? Cis-Hetero S***lord!  If you really cared about hiring qualified doctors rather than maintaining the white supremacist cis-heteronormative patriarchy, you'd be more than willing to hire an illiterate junkie from the ghetto without a high school diploma. Check your privilege!" /s

That would be totes funny if far too many people didn't believe that unironically. This is what you get when the next generation has been coddled through “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” and brainwashed into respecting other people’s “microaggressions” and “personal pronouns.”

Democracy only works when there’s an educated and informed populace. We don’t have that. Not when too many Americans believe that vaccines cause autism and GMOs cause cancer. Not when a significant portion believes that the sun revolves around the earth and that “food containing DNA” should be labeled. Not when the next generation supports socialism while socialist countries like Venezuela burn. Not when Donald Trump is leading the polls. Especially not when Trump is leading the polls! We don't have democracy. We have "dumb"-ocracy. We have Idiocracy. A government of the stupid, but the stupid, and for the stupid.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Nickelodeon announced that it’s creating a made-for-tv movie based on its best game show of all time (at least in my opinion!), Legends of the Hidden Temple.

For any young’uns out there who were barely in diapers when this show was on the air, the game show was about a temple that contained legendary artifacts from folklore and history, and which was guarded by the talking head, Olmec, who co-hosted the show.

Contestants competed in teams, with names such as the blue barracudas and silver snakes, for the chance to traverse the temple and its labyrinth of obstacles and puzzles, including "The Pit of the Pendulum," "The Forest of Lost Souls," and "The Shrine of the Silver Monkey."

The upcoming television movie is reported to contain many callbacks to the original game show, including “Olmec, a talking head who knows the secrets behind the temple; the Steps of Knowledge, the entrance to the temple and launching pad for the mission; and cameos from a green monkey, red jaguar and silver snakes.”

As much as I feel that Nickelodeon has been recently relying on its nostalgia factor to make up for its lack of fresh ideas, as a 90s kid who grew up with the channel, I still can’t help but geek out over stuff like this.

So to celebrate this announcement, I’d like to feature both the best and the worst temple runs that the original show had to offer. Will you watch them? The choice is yours and yours alone:

My Thoughts On Kim K’s Nude Selfie

Yes, I have seen it. And yes, that includes the uncensored version. So should you care about it and the controversy surrounding it? No. Not really. Why? Well, I don’t care enough about it to even explain why. Instead, watch this rant explaining why you shouldn’t care (and if you'll excuse me, I have go go and buy more lotion):

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We Cant Afford Free Stuff Either

Dear libtarded moonbats: no, I don’t believe we can afford more war and corporate welfare. And no, I don’t believe we can afford any of the “free stuff” Bernie Sander’s peddling. (As a matter of fact, neither do many left-wing economists!) Just because I don’t support the latter doesn’t mean I support the former. That’s a false dichotomy. This isn’t either-or. I’m against wasteful government across the board. What part of “government should spend within its means” do you lot not quite understand?

Monday, March 7, 2016

NASA Designs Ship With Star Trek Warp Speed

I’m not a big fan of big government spending, but only because most of that spending rarely benefits the average American. It’s hard to argue that taxes are "the fees we pay to live within civilized society" when most of those taxes go towards bombing people overseas and spying on people over here.

But then you learn that your taxpayer money is going towards something that’s actually awesome, and you think to yourself, “Why the hell aren’t we funding this?” Case in point: NASA’s designing a space ship that can theoretically travel at warp speed like in Star Trek:

VGM Monday: Cornered

I’ve yet to play the Phoenix Wright games, but there’s no denying that this game series has a very dramatic soundtrack, including its most memorable score, Cornered:

The game franchise's soundtrack does a good job of adding a little bit of drama and suspense to games that are otherwise saturated with slapstick and comedy. In fact, I’m sure that the music can add drama to other comedic scenes, including this one from Liar, Liar! (Great, now I’m imagining Jim Carrey playing Phoenix Wright. Is that good or bad?)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Daily Pony: Guess What Move I Recently Saw?

And yes, it is as awesome as everyone says it is. So awesome!

I don’t know about you, but now I’m craving chimichangas. Or how about cherrychangas? Great name, huh? Oh, but maybe I should call it a chimicherry. Ooh, that's good too. Which do you think Deadpool would prefer? Cherrychanga, or chimicherry? Or what if I combine them? Chimicherrychanga! Yeah, he’d totally like that. Chimicherrychanga! Chimicherrychanga! Chimicherry-freaking-changa! :D

Disney Sunday: Top 5 Movies That Need Their Own TV Shows

Disney recently announced that Big Hero 6 will be making a giant leap from the big screen to the small screen with an animated series slated for 2017. Even better, the new show is being created by the same creative team behind Kim Possible. Considering how well that show perfectly blended action with comedy, its creators seems like the best choice for this new show.

I’m really excited about this announcement, as I always thought that Big Hero 6 would make for a great television series. While I loved the first movie, I always felt that it served more as an introduction to an entire franchise than as a stand-alone movie. It also had a colorful cast of interesting characters which, aside from Hiro and Baymax, remained grossly undeveloped and under-utilized. Hopefully, this new series will offer them much needed character development.

Once upon a time, Disney adapted many of its animated movies into cartoons, with small screen adaptations of The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lilo and Stich, and Tarzan. However, the last of these animated series was Emperor’s New School (based on Emperor’s New Groove), which was released nearly ten years ago; and since then, there haven’t been any other adaptations.

However, it’s seems like Disney has re-started the trend of adapting its big screen hits into small screen bigger hits. The Lion Guard (based off The Lion King) recently began airing earlier this year, and both Tangled and Big Hero 6 have television series currently in development.

With Disney making so many new movie-to-television adaptations, its sure to make Disney fans wonder what other theatrical films should receive the small screen treatment. Here are just five Disney movies that I think should get their own television series:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shameless Plug Saturday: ex626AKAKeon

Yesterday was the 24th birthday of ex626AKAKeon. He’s the original creator of Sky Wind, the pegasus OC whom I’m using in my Dark Stallion fanfic.

When I first came across his character years ago, I considered it a relief to see Rainbow Dash paired up in a shipping that wasn’t yuri. I found Sky Wind and his backstory really intriguing, yet I was disappointed that there was no real story for him.

That’s when I decided to use his character, along with Ninja-8004's character, Ninja Star, and an original character of my own, Xander, in a fanfiction, which, despite having been written years ago, is now only being published.

So far, even though I never asked for his permission, ex626AKAKeon. has given me his blessing, and has complimented me on my writing. Needless to say, it is quite the honor. (Though also needless to say, it's been a long time since I've updated my fanfic. I really, really need to get back to working on it.)

Anyway, to celebrate his recent birthdy, I’m showcasing some of the artwork of his character from his gallery for Shameless Plug Saturday. (Just as a fair warning, if you wish to delve further into his gallery, you might encounter some artwork that could serve as spoilers if you haven’t read my fanfic.)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Going Wild For Zootopia

Disney's newest and furriest movie, Zootopia, premieres today. I'm so excited about this movie. I've heard great things about it, with nothing but praise from critics, and I so want to see it. So what better way to commemorate the new movie than to showcase some of its fan art for Fan Art Friday?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Coo-Coo Cola Cult

Growing up in the 90s, I loved watching the Disney Afternoon cartoon block and its diverse lineup of hit shows such as TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck, and Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers. These shows were created in a time when many cartoon programs were breaking boundaries in an attempt to be more than simply “kid shows." Part of that included inserting a lot of satire about modern society and culture. Case in point: the Rescue Rangers episode, “The Case of the Cola Cult.”

Best Argument Against Democracy 2

Democracy only works when there’s an educated and informed populace. We don’t have that. Not when too many Americans believe that vaccines cause autism and GMOs cause cancer. Not when a significant portion believes that the sun revolves around the earth and that “food containing DNA” should be labeled. Not when the next generation supports socialism while socialist countries like Venezuela burn. Especially not when the next generation has been coddled through “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” and brainwashed into respecting other people’s “microaggressions” and “personal pronouns.”  Especially when they believe "species appropriation" is a thing. Not when Donald Trump is leading the polls. Especially not when Trump is leading the polls! We don't have democracy. We have "dumb"-ocracy. We have Idiocracy. A government of the stupid, but the stupid, and for the stupid.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Feminists: "Teach Babies Not To Rape!"

A vulnerable woman, who is powerless to leave the situation, is at times held down against her will, has strangers looking & touching at private parts of her body, perhaps without appropriate measures being taken to acknowledge her ownership of her body or to preserve her comfort levels. Perhaps she has fingers or instruments inserted without her consent, and sometimes against her consent, invading and crossing decent boundaries. She is fearful of what is happening to her and perhaps for the wellbeing of her baby, and receives no reassurance that either she or her child are ok. That is a violation, no matter how you look at it. Even IF this treatment is given with no malice and the intent of attempting to assist her with birthing her child, there is NEVER a reason to forgo common decencies that will enable her to maintain a role in the birth, some autonomy over her body, to be involved in the decision-making, to be informed about what they want to do BEFORE they do it.
This is what feminists actually believe. They are far beyond satire at this point!

You Have Two Cows

The economic plans of the 2016 presidential candidates explained with two cows.