Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chalk Drawings Are Triggering!

I started my freshmen year of college in 2004. I graduated in 2009. That was nearly seven years ago. So what’s happened since then that’s transformed college campuses into adult daycare centers? Because I sure as hell don’t remember college students being nearly this bat guano insane.

I should know: I used to be one not that long ago. I don’t remember any of my fellow students being nearly as fragile or thin-skinned or simply out-of-touch with reality. And yet nowadays I can’t go one day without learning about students becoming “triggered” or demanding “safe spaces.”

This past week has seemed especially bad, with everything wrong with modern academia and the current crop of “micro-aggression”-fretting, “safe space”-huddling, ultra-PC millennial college students coming to a bubbling froth.

This week we've had everything from “gay devil worshippers” trying to combat “budding conservatism” at the University of Minnesota (and by “budding conservatism”, they mean as few as 20 students total), to a black gay rights-supporting transgender being prevented from speaking about social justice of all things because she’s loosely affiliated with a group that supports—gasp!—Israel.

But by far, the crème de le crème of social justice insanity had to be the story about how Emory University went into full panic mode after  “Trump 2016” was scrawled in chalk several times across campus.

Yes, you heard that right: all it took was someone writing “Trump 2016” in chalk at random locations on their college campus to instigate more than 40 students to protest while several others have demanded “emergency funds” to help address the “pain” and “frustration” inflicted upon them.

I am not making a single word of that up. Not one word! This is real life. Or, perhaps I should phrase that as a question, almost like that dentist kid. "Is this real life?"

All of that hysteria started because someone showed their support for a presidential candidate in chalk. Freaking chalk! The Greek Goddess Eros caused less chaos when she tossed the golden Apple of Discord!

And you know this crap is bad when leftists like Bill Maher and Larry Willmore are skewering it. How can they not? This is pure comedy gold.

Then again, you have to wonder how you can ridicule something that’s already ridiculous. If satire dies, it will either be at the hands of Trump or SJWs, and the SJWs have a much stronger grip around satire’s neck than has Trump’s tiny hands.

Honestly, at this point, I have nothing else to say. Words simply fail me. I’m left flabbergasted that college students these days can be so close-minded, so intolerant of differing opinions, that simply a chalk drawing of the name of a presidential candidate forces them to curl up into the fetal position and drown themselves in their own tears. It’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed. Simply embarrassed!

Again, how did we get to this point? And how did we get to it in the small span of time that I’ve been out of college? How, I ask you, how?