Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Check Your White Dread Privilege

I’d been considering penning a satirical Daily Bungle article where a black girl attacked a white person with dreadlocks, with her legal defense being that the “racist” white person had “triggered” her with their “microaggression” by having “culturally appropriated” her people’s hairstyle. Well, it seems that reality has beaten me to the punch already, and now satire has become reality. I really wish it hadn’t!

Yes, a real black girl had attacked a white person for wearing dreadlocks, and she’s defending herself by claiming that the “racist” white guy in question “triggered” her with his “microaggression” by having “culturally appropriated” her people’s hairstyle. But, of course, it served that white cishetero s***lord right for failing to “check his privilege.” /s

Remind me again why social justice warriors consider themselves to be “decent human beings”? Because last time I checked, decent human beings don’t beat the s*** out of other people for wearing a hairstyle they don’t like. But what would I know. I’m not a social justice warrior, so I’m obviously not a “decent human being.” Excuse me while I go “check my privilege.” /s

Oh, and before any race-baiting SJWs argue that the white guy was in the wrong for “culturally appropriating” dreadlocks, imma make you watch this video and educate yourself. Kindly have a seat: