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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Disney Sunday: Top 5 Movies That Need Their Own TV Shows

Disney recently announced that Big Hero 6 will be making a giant leap from the big screen to the small screen with an animated series slated for 2017. Even better, the new show is being created by the same creative team behind Kim Possible. Considering how well that show perfectly blended action with comedy, its creators seems like the best choice for this new show.

I’m really excited about this announcement, as I always thought that Big Hero 6 would make for a great television series. While I loved the first movie, I always felt that it served more as an introduction to an entire franchise than as a stand-alone movie. It also had a colorful cast of interesting characters which, aside from Hiro and Baymax, remained grossly undeveloped and under-utilized. Hopefully, this new series will offer them much needed character development.

Once upon a time, Disney adapted many of its animated movies into cartoons, with small screen adaptations of The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lilo and Stich, and Tarzan. However, the last of these animated series was Emperor’s New School (based on Emperor’s New Groove), which was released nearly ten years ago; and since then, there haven’t been any other adaptations.

However, it’s seems like Disney has re-started the trend of adapting its big screen hits into small screen bigger hits. The Lion Guard (based off The Lion King) recently began airing earlier this year, and both Tangled and Big Hero 6 have television series currently in development.

With Disney making so many new movie-to-television adaptations, its sure to make Disney fans wonder what other theatrical films should receive the small screen treatment. Here are just five Disney movies that I think should get their own television series:

#5: Cars

I’m not a big fan of the Cars franchise. While I didn’t mind the first movie, which I considered to be okay, I didn’t bother watching the second movie—and judging by the overall negative reviews, it seems like I wasn’t missing anything.

However, it’s quite clear that Disney likes the franchise, or at least they like merchandising it. Aside from the first two movies, there’s a third movie in development, several television shorts, and of course, an entire themed land in Disney’s California Adventure. So if Disney really wants to milk this cash cow dry, why not move forward with a television series?

If there’s one thing the franchise has going for it, it’s a creative premise, with an entire world inhabited by sentient vehicles. An entire world populated by cars could very well be explored more in-depth with a television series. Also, like Big Hero 6, the movies had a colorful cast of characters who, aside from Lightning and Mater, could use more character development.

#4: Zootopia

This movie has only been in theaters for a few days and already it’s received critical acclaim, with a nearly perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes and movie reviews praising it as an “instant classic.” So chances are this movie is primed to be an Oscar-winning blockbuster hit, and could very well elicit its own television series.

I’ve yet to see the movie myself, but if there’s one thing about it that I find intriguing, it’s the sheer creativity of the animal-populated world. We’ve seen worlds with anthropomorphic animals before, but what sets Zootopia apart from all others is the sheer detail. This world does a good job of showing how animals of different shapes and sizes can co-exist quite perfectly, with smaller train seats and doors for smaller-sized animals, to entire sidewalks created for aquatic animals such as hippos.

The city of Zootopia is quite the creative-looking world, and it’s one that could be explored in more depth and detail with a television series. Plus, who doesn’t want to see more misadventures with Judy and Nick as they solve mysteries and fight crime?

#3: The Incredibles

The Incredibles is one of my favorite Pixar films of all time—aside from the Toy Story movies, of course!—and I’m super excited to know that this super movie is getting its own super sequel within the next few years. However, I really think this movie would work just as well as its own television series.

Like Big Hero 6, this is a superhero movie that lends itself to sequels, if not an entire television series. Of course, it would be great to see Mr. Incredible and his family fighting supervillains and other forms of crime in their superhero alter egos, but a series would also lend much more than the usual superhero antics.

See, unlike Big Hero 6, The Incredibles has its whole family dynamic working for it. This is quite literally a family of super-powered members who have been forced to keep their superpowers a secret. So not only do they face conflict with potential villains, but they also face the added conflict of having to keep their secret identities a, well, secret, as well as deal with the other struggles that come with being an overall dysfunctional family.

So, essentially, an Incredibles television series could be a great combination of a superhero series with a family sitcom, sort of a combination of Heroes with Modern Family. Think of it as an animated version of The Thundermans—only it doesn’t suck donkey balls!

#2: Kingdom Hearts

Okay, so this isn’t really a movie, but it is a video game crossover of several different movies. And quite frankly, that’s the entire appeal. Kingdom Hearts, as a game, does a magnificent job of combining the role-playing aspects of Square-Enix games with the sheer storytelling of Disney movies, creating a game where you can visit and fight in various Disney worlds through a single, coherent storyline—albeit a clumsy and rather confusingly convoluted one.

So the series already lends itself to a television series. And with Kingdom Hearts 3 still in production, who wouldn’t want to pass the time until then by watching the adventures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy in animated form?

In fact, back when the original Kingdoms Hearts was released, an animated series was in development, but it never quite got off the ground, even with a Gummi Ship. But now that most of the video game series and its massive mythology has already been ironed out through several games, now would be the perfect time to create an animated adaptation. There’s already a manga adaptation, so why not an animated one?

#1: Inside Out

By far the greatest Pixar film in the longest time since the Toy Story franchise. It was the best animated film of 2015 (as recently proven at the Oscars), and it was my favorite film of that year—and yes, even more so than Star Wars! Such a great, and even innovational, film certainly warrants a sequel, if not a television series.

The main star is a pre-teen girl who’s going through a very pivotal and emotional time of her life, and when the focus is on her five emotions personified, that makes for great potential episodes for a television series.

We’ve already seen Riley and her emotions go through the big emotional struggle of moving to another town. So what about the smaller, less monumental, but albeit equally emotional struggles in her regular life as a pre-pubescent teenager? What about her developing her first crush? Making new friends? Facing peer pressure from the popular kids? Going through the embarrassment of school picture day? Getting in trouble at school? Perhaps even experiencing her first time of the month? (Yes, I think Disney could handle that very professionally and tactfully. It made an educational short film about it!)

Inside Out’s premise of emotions personified certainly lends itself to an episodic format. It wouldn’t be the first time there was an entire television series about one’s inner emotions. An Inside Out television series could be the Disney equivalent of Herman’s Head—although much more kid friendly, and, quite frankly, more entertaining and memorable! And as far as pre-teen Disney Channel shows go, it would be far more tolerable than the channel’s remaining lineup, that’s for sure!