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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Disney Sunday: Tower Of Terror Being Replaced?

There’s a rumor—and only a rumor!—currently circulating the interwebs that the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror attraction will be disappearing into a dimension of sight and sound, and that it will be replaced by a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction.

Currently, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is undergoing massive refurbishments, with many of its attractions such as the Studio Backlot Tour and American Idol Experience having been shut down, and with plans for expansions with Toy Story and Star Wars-themed lands.

Many fans have speculated that another expansion to the park will include a Marvel-themed land that will include re-theming the Tower of Terror attraction into one based upon the Guardians of the Galaxy (with the ride allegedly being set within the Collector’s mansion).

While many worried Disney fans have interpreted this “news” as fact, this is a rumor, and only a rumor, for two good reasons:

1) Disney is currently producing a movie based on Tower of Terror. So why would they want to get rid of a ride they’re making a movie about?

2) Disney World doesn’t own the theme park rights to Marvel. While Disney now owns the comic book and movie company, it does not own the theme park rights—at least in Florida. Those rights still belong to Universal Studios Florida, which has Marvel Superhero Island at Islands of Adventure. Despite this, Disney has been able to feature Marvel characters and attractions in its theme parks outside of Florida.

However, I could be wrong in those assertions, because 1) Disney has made movies about extinct attractions (i.e.: The Country Bears, which was torn down in Disneyland), and 2) There’s a slim chance that Universal may be selling the Marvel theme park rights to Disney.

Even then, I still don’t see Disney getting rid of its most iconic and popular ride at its Hollywood Studios park. So until further notice, simply consider this rumor only a rumor. Oh, and be sure to come and get your love!