Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, March 4, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Going Wild For Zootopia

Disney's newest and furriest movie, Zootopia, premieres today. I'm so excited about this movie. I've heard great things about it, with nothing but praise from critics, and I so want to see it. So what better way to commemorate the new movie than to showcase some of its fan art for Fan Art Friday?

Forget Nick Wilde! Judy needs to team up with a fox who's an actual cop that can kick butt. Someone get Carmelita on the line and call her over from Sly Cooper so she can make this crossover a reality.

A sly, conniving fox with an affinity for green and scamming people out of their green? Surely, I can't be the only one who thinks Nick is the reincarnation of Robin Hood, or at least his descendant.

Considering how Kingdom Hearts 3 is still lagging behind in development, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Sora ended up crossing paths with Nick and Judy. Could we at least have them as summons? I'm sure they would be far more useful than Chicken "Freaking" Little!

Obvious video game reference is obvious.

Not so obvious anime reference is not so obvious. Though now that I think about it, Judy and Nick seem to have a similar chemistry as do Ichigo and Rukia. (Too bad I couldn't get past the first season of that series, though.)

A cunning rouge teaming up with a naive, wet-behind-the-ears female lead to help her pursue her goal? Again, how did I not see the direct parallel?

And here we see Judy as she stumbles across FurAffinity for the first time, and with it, discovers all of the "glorious" fan art made of her and Nick. Something tells me Judy ain't particularly flattered by it, while Nick very well is.