Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, March 28, 2016

VGM Monday: DuckTales Remastered Theme

Unless you've been living under a duck’s behind for the longest time—in which case, how did you even get into such a situation, considering that ducks aren't that heavy?—you probably know that the DuckTales television series is getting a reboot in 2017. They've even released a promotional image not too long ago, and the artwork looks good to say the least.

It’s quite exciting that such a Disney classic is going to be introduced to a whole new generation of children. Of course, the cartoon isn't the only thing DuckTales-related to receive a reboot. The classic Nintendo game received its own remake three years ago, and with it came an epic remake of the opening theme:

Yes, this notoriously catchy theme may not have lyrics, but we can see you mouthing the words along to the music. That’s how ingrained the song has become in your mind, even well after three decades. It’s the song that will never leave. It will never leave, it will never leave!