Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, March 21, 2016

Waffle Irons More Practical Than Border Wall

Five or six years ago, if I had heard a politician claim that we needed to stop illegal immigration by building a border wall, I would have nodded my empty head in agreement. Now that I have a little bit more knowledge and common sense in my noggin, it’s less likely to wobble like a bobble head along with an equally empty-headed politician like Donald Trump.

I know that some of my followers either support Trump or at least sympathize with his call to build a wall. To them, I offer this most recent video by John Oliver, the smartest man on television and the internet, explaining why a border wall is pointless:

Even if you believe that illegal immigration is a problem, you cannot sincerely believe that a border wall is the obvious solution. You also cannot call yourself a “fiscally responsible” or “limited government” conservative and support building a wall.

If you’re a “fiscally responsible” conservative who knows that we cannot afford “free” healthcare or “free” education, you also cannot believe that we can afford a more than 20 billion dollar wall, which will inevitably cost even more money in maintenance.

And if you’re a “limited government” conservative, you must understand that border walls prevent illegal immigration the same way gun-free zones prevent shootings and drug-free zones prevent drug abuse. You really want to stop illegal immigration? Then make legal immigration easier by supporting immigration reform.