Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Back To The Future Quickly Becoming Reality

When October 21, 2015 arrived last year, many Back to the Future fans were disappointed that none of the cool gadgets in the movie existed in real life. Where were the self-tying shoes? Where were the flying cars? But most importantly of all, where were the hoverboards?

"Where are muh hoverboards," they cried. "I want muh hoverboard!"

Since then, most of that futuristic tech have come out in development. Nike will be releasing self-tying shoes by the end of the year, and flying cars will be available as soon as next year!

"B-b-but where are muh hoverboards?" I still hear you cry. "I want muh hoverboard!"

Here's your hoverboard, fanboys: